· November, 2005

Stories about Philippines from November, 2005

Philippines: Little Brown Brother

21 November 2005

Manuel L. Quezon III runs down the history of the controversial “paternal-racist” phrase “little brown brothers,” first used by William Howard Taft, the Philippines’ first American governor-general.

Philippines: Blog Muckraker

  17 November 2005

At Kuwento Kuwento, Benjamin Pimental has a three-part podcast series interviewing journalist Sheila Coronel and her now-influential Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) blog. Click here for the beginning. On a recent post, the PCIJ blog generated discussion about the country's digital divide.

Philippines: Wrong Side Of the Tracks

15 November 2005

Torn and frayed in Manila reacts to last week's post on Howie Severino's Sidetrip recording Severino's train ride into Manila. Hundreds of poor live along the tracks and pelt the trains with garbage. “Basically, because there is such incredible shortage of space in Manila people live wherever they can. If...

On the Menu: Food Blogs from Southeast Asia!

  15 November 2005

Take one former graphic designer, a retired corporate banking and management consultant, a civil servant, a teacher, an amateur photographer, an academic and a freelance journalist. Add generous dollops of blogging software, several digital cameras, enthusiastic assistants/partners and web-hosting accounts (there are no substitutes for these ingredients). Stir them together and you get some of the best writing about Southeast Asian food this side of printed page.

Philippines: Bar Dues

14 November 2005

Law professor J.J. Disini touches on the things nerve-wracked Filipino law students do and feel before their bar exam.

Philippines: Bot Master

10 November 2005

At the Pinoy Tech Blog, the arrest in the U.S. of a Filipino-American “bot master” who wrote programs that seized control of tens of thousands of computers leads one poster to wonder, had the arrest happened in the Philippines, under what laws could the programmer be prosecuted.

Philippines: Starry-Eyed

8 November 2005

Responding to Divergent Poles‘ disappointment over the fact that showbiz-oriented blogs have knocked all save one political blog off the Pinoy Top 10 Blog list, yuga offers some explanations why showbiz blogs rule the Filipino blogosphere.

Court Orders Philippine Blog to Remove Post

  7 November 2005

The blog of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, or PCIJ, has made history — of sorts. Last week, the PCIJ was served with a court order to remove this Aug. 12, 2005 post related to an ongoing political scandal. The scandal revolves around taped wiretaps allegedly of Philippine Pres....

Mexico: Día de los Muertos

  2 November 2005

November 1st and 2nd mark Mexico's holiday, Día de los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead.” Calypso Mexico describes celebrating the days in a small colonia in Vera Cruz, emphasizing that “Dia de los Muertos is about remembering your loved ones that have passed from this world. It is NOT...

Philippines: Servantitis

1 November 2005

Ricky Carandang has a theory why the Philippines is a “low-trust” society: being raised with too many servants.