· February, 2010

Stories about Philippines from February, 2010

Philippines: Cabinet member sues blogger

  7 February 2010

Blogger Ella Ganda from the Philippines wrote in October that relief goods intended for typhoon victims are being hoarded in a government warehouse. Three months later, she was charged with libel by a government minister. Police want to know her real name. The local blogosphere reacts.

Philippines: First Quarter Storm Library

  4 February 2010

The First Quarter Storm Library blog gathers images, articles, music, and other materials on the historic events of 1970 in the Philippines. This period refers to the series of mass actions spearheaded by students against the government.

Vietnam: Dog meat restaurant

  1 February 2010

A Vietnam-based blogger writes about his recent visit to a dog meat restaurant in Hanoi. There are seven ways to cook dog in traditional Vietnamese cuisine.