· July, 2006

Stories about Philippines from July, 2006

Reforming Philippine Elections

  27 July 2006

Philippine electoral system is one of the most inefficient in the world. It would take more than a month before results can be known after election day since counting of votes is still done manually.

Philippines: Preserving Heritage

  19 July 2006

Ivan About Town is concerned about the state of ancestral homes in Philippines. Antique dealers are tearing down these houses to sell woodwork and other contents of these homes.

Philippines: British Assault on Manila

  13 July 2006

Torn and Frayed in Manila talks about an episode in Philippine's history where the British attacked and occupied Manila and how the adventure ended up producing distinctive features of people in a province near Manila.

Global Food Blog Report #24

  9 July 2006

#1: From Thailand, B'Tonian in Siam : Thai Food & the Market I’ve heard so many people say they love Thai food, but few can name more than a handful of Thai dishes. In actuality, there are thousands of Thai dishes and most Thais eat hundreds of different dishes yearly....

Philippines: Tamagotchi fever

  4 July 2006

In a post tiltled “I am a dad again” the blogger at Notes from the Peanut Gallery talks about how he got hooked into Tamagotchi world after taking care of his daughter's creature for a while.

The Global Voices Show #3

  4 July 2006

The third episode of the Global Voices Show is here! In this edition we feature excerpts from the following podcasts: PodView (Podbazaar) (India) Viloria.com Pinoy Podcast (Philippines) Tango City Tour (Argentina) Beyond the Wall (Israel) Trinidad & Tobago Computer Society Podcast (Trinidad & Tobago) Arté Radio (“Foot au Sénégal”) (Senegal)...