· August, 2006

Stories about Philippines from August, 2006

Philippines’ worst marine disaster

  30 August 2006

The beautiful island of Guimaras, located in central Philippines, is under state of calamity. More than 26,000 people who depend on fishing suddenly lost their livelihood after tanker MT Solar 1, chartered by Petron, sank in 3,000 ft of water with some two million liters of industrial fuel.

Philippines: Backpacking in Vietnam

  25 August 2006

Heritage blogger Ivan Henares remembers his trip to the city of Hoi An in Vietnam and he recalls how the visit introduced him to the joy of backpacking.

Philippines: Misleading Headlines

  23 August 2006

The Sassy Lawyer blogs about a misleading headline in the Philippine Daily Enquirer that is troubling one of the people they interviewed recently. Jim Paredes, a Philippine songwriter and musician spoke to the newspaper about his life in Australia as a recent immigrant. The paper published the story with a...

Extra-judicial killings in the Philippines

  22 August 2006

One of the basis of the impeachment complaint against Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is that she abetted political killings in the country. Human rights groups have accused Mrs. Arroyo of being the worst human rights violator in the country’s modern history.

Philippines: Ninoy Aquino

  21 August 2006

On the anniversary of Philippine senator Ninoy Aquino‘s death, Manuel L. Quezon III remembers the eventful day in 1983. Aquino was a leading critic of then Philippine ruler Ferdinand Marcos and he was assassinated at the Manila International Airport when he returned home from exile.

Philippines: Visiting Basilan

  8 August 2006

Filipino travel and heritage blogger Ivan Henares is travelling again.Basilan. “Today, I visited Basilan. Just the mere mention of the name evokes fear among those unfamiliar with the place. Every time I told someone that I was on my way to Basilan, I received a shocked response. Who would want...

Bishop bloggers of the Philippines

  7 August 2006

The Philippines is the only Catholic-dominated nation in Asia. Aside from delivering sermons from the pulpit or issuing pastoral letters, the clergy reaches out to its faithful through the cyberspace.

Philippines: Alcoholism in Philippines

  5 August 2006

The blogger at Touched by an Angel looks at alcoholism in Philippines. “The effects of alcoholism are easily shown in the sensational section of the local TV news. How often do you see wives beaten up by their husbands? Or children being sexually abused by their biological fathers? What about...