· October, 2007

Stories about Philippines from October, 2007

Philippines: Bribery scandal

  29 October 2007

Political analysts believe the Philippine government is desperately trying to cover-up an alleged bribery incident which happened inside the Malacañang presidential palace two weeks ago. Mong Palatino covers Filipino blogs commenting on this.

Philippines: Deadly Mall Blast Shocks Filipinos

  19 October 2007

Citizen journalism and citizen punditry is alive in the Philippine blogosphere, and we saw this within minutes of a deadly blast at the popular Glorietta mall in Makati City, the country's financial capital. As of posting time, eight have been confirmed killed while 120 others were being treated for various...

Philippines: ‘Desperate Housewives’ Uproar Continues

  15 October 2007

Tonyo looks at the continuing uproar among the Filipinos over the American TV drama Desperate Housewives. The featured blogs are responding to the suggestion the protests against a racist remark by one of the character in the TV drama are “going overboard”

Philippines: A Roundup of the Week

  14 October 2007

Tony Cruz rounds up the weeks happenings in the Filipino blogosphere. The roundup features bloggers talking about movie stars, politics, religion and morality, sports and trekking and more.

Philippines: Racist Remarks

  12 October 2007

Mukamo Philippines is carrying a post on a retired Filipino nurse who encountered racist insults at her workplace in the U.S. and is now trying to seek justice.

Philippines: Expensive Medicines

  10 October 2007

Why are medicines expensive in a poor country like the Philippines? Multinational companies control 80 percent of the local drug industry. There is no drug manufacturing firm in the country, only distributors. And the government is not investing enough in public health.

Philippines: Sexism in activism

  9 October 2007

Penned by a Filipina novelist based in New York, Lily Pad replies to two letters asking about political sexism and models for activist women. Interestingly, the term Lily Pad seems to be a successful play of words and can mean “to fly” if heard by a Tagalog-speaking Filipina or Filipino.

Philippines: Arroyo's “Third” Impeachment Complaint

  9 October 2007

Coming at the heels of the controversial National Broadband Network contract with Chinese firm ZTE, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Friday (Oct. 6) was slapped an impeachment complaint before the House of Representatives. Tonyo Cruz has reactions from Filipino bloggers.

Philippines: “Desperate Housewives” Apologizes Over Racist Slur

  4 October 2007

Tonyo Cruz rounds up opinions from Filipino bloggers who are protesting against American television series Desperate Housewives. In a recent episode, one of the characters made a comment ridiculing Filipino medical professionals. ABC-TV has since said sorry but the bloggers are not happy with it and are demanding a more sincere apology.

Filipinos Excited Over Expanded Paypal Access

  4 October 2007

News about Paypal Philippines now making it possible for Filipinos to receive money the Paypal way did not go unnoticed. Most Filipino blogs are elated and excited, while a number ask whether e-commerce sites will start requiring Paypal accounts and consequently begin charging fees from Filipinos.

Korea and Japan: Comfort Women

  3 October 2007

Melissa Wabnitz from Ohmynews wrote an article about Korean comfort women and their history in struggling to get an apology from the Japan government.