· February, 2011

Stories about Philippines from February, 2011

Philippines: Netizens react to suicide of former Army chief

  13 February 2011

Filipinos were shocked to learn that Angelo Reyes, the country's former military chief and Cabinet Secretary of National Defense, Energy and Local Government has died in an apparent suicide. Reyes was being investigated by the Senate about the alleged corruption in the military. Here are blog reactions.

Philippines: Football revival

  10 February 2011

Filipinos use the twitter hashtag #azkals to express support and admiration to the Philippine Football Team known as the Azkals.

Philippines: Martyr for Women's Liberation

  3 February 2011

This new blog is “dedicated to the continuing remembrance of our beloved Ma. Lorena Barros – a warm and compassionate person, a caring daughter, a loving mother, a true friend, a staunch fighter of the national liberation movement and a towering figure in the women's liberation movement in the Philippines.”