· September, 2010

Stories about Philippines from September, 2010

Southeast Asia: Blogging about Football

  27 September 2010

There are many football blogs in Southeast Asia that provide relevant news stories and updates about football matches and programs in the region. Here is a list of football blogs in Southeast Asia with focus on Vietnam and Cambodia.

Philippines: President answers Facebook note

  18 September 2010

A facebook user wrote an open letter to the Philippine President expressing his disappointment with the two-month old government. The letter became popular in the web; even the president wrote a response through his facebook account.

Filipinos join HK people’s grief and protest

  3 September 2010

Filipino workers in Hong Kong joined a rally of Hong Kong citizens who are demanding justice for the slain hostage victims in Manila. Nine HK tourists were killed when an ex-policeman in the Philippines hijacked a tourist bus last week.

Philippines: “Merry Christmas” is top twitter topic

  2 September 2010

On September 1, “Merry Christmas” became the top twitter trending topic. Many around around the world are wondering about the early Twitter Christmas greetings. Filipino tweeps are partly to blame since September in the Philippines is the start of the world's longest Christmas.