· September, 2007

Stories about Philippines from September, 2007

Philippines: Corruption scandal reaches the presidential palace

  27 September 2007

A $330 million national broadband network deal between the Philippine government and ZTE firm from China. Critics describe the contract as overpriced, unnecessary and disadvantageous to the Philippines. Tales of bribery, corruption and harassment have surfaced which could implicate the First Family.

Philippines: Blog Round Up

  18 September 2007

Pinoyblogero has highlights from last week's posting on Philippines blogsphere. The topics include the trail of former president Joseph Estrada and how a blogger stirred up controversy by baiting them on his blog.

Former Philippine president convicted of plunder

  14 September 2007

After six years of trial, former Philippine president Joseph Estrada was found guilty of plunder by a special anti-graft court. This was the first time a former president was convicted of such crime in the Philippines.

Philippines: Porn Site and Freedom of Expression

  11 September 2007

Reason is the Reason does not agree the Filipino government's action against a local porn site. “Is it government’s business, then, to meddle in the freely-undertaken, consensual actions of its adult citizens?”