· December, 2005

Stories about Philippines from December, 2005

Philippines: Jose Rizal Links

29 December 2005

On the 109th anniversary of Jose Rizal's execution, Filipino Librarian collects some links to introduce readers to the Philippines’ national hero.

Philippines: Gas Project Runs Out

26 December 2005

In the 1990s, the Malampaya underwater gas field was touted as a major move for the Philippines into cleaner energy. Divergent Poles talks about what has happened to the project since then.

Philippines: Constitutional Reform

22 December 2005

Ricky Carandang reveals his disappointment that the commission tasked with reforming the Philippines’ constitution and consider a change from a presidential to parliamentary government has taken the best reforms off the table.

Philippines: Once in a Lifetime

21 December 2005

Jessica Zafra is discombobulated meeting musician and artist David Byrne in Manila. The ex-leader of the Talking Heads was in town researching a new musical he's writing on Imelda Marcos.

Philippines: Done with the Bishops

15 December 2005

Edwin Lacierda of San Juan Gossip Mills Outlet discusses his disgust with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, which had in the past distinguished itself by criticizing the state when no one else would. “Were it once was the harbinger of decisive action, it is now the voice of...

Philippines, Singapore: Blog Race

  13 December 2005

theory.isthereason follows the race between Singapore's sexy celeblogger Xiaxue and not-as-sexy Mr. Brown for the title of Best Asian Blog: “While such blog awards help us recognize the most popular bloggers on the Internet, these sort of awards technically perpetuate the popularity of the select bloggers.” Commenting on the same...

Southeast Asian Games!

  8 December 2005

Southeast Asian Games closing ceremonies’ photo by Jove Francisco. The 23rd South East Asian Games, which recently concluded in Manila this week, were known as the South East Asian Peninsular Games until 1975 when the SEAP Games Federation accepted Indonesia and the Philippines as members. The name was then changed...

Philippines: Migration Podcast

6 December 2005

Sheila Coronel at the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism podcasts her thoughts on the eight million Filipinos working overseas and the toll that takes on the country.

Australia, Philippines, Singapore: Execution Lessons

  6 December 2005

Chemical Generation Singapore extracts some lessons for foreign governments like Australia, whose Nguyen Tuong Van went to the gallows last week, and the Philippines, whose Flor Contemplacion was executed in 1995, in dealing with trying to save a citizen from Singapore's death penalty: “There are surely ways where a criminal...

Philippines, Thailand: Sporting Chances

  5 December 2005

Manuel L. Quezon III digests the brewing controversy over the Thai Prime Minister's seemingly unsportsmanlike comments regarding the Philippines accumulation of gold medals at the ongoing Southeast Asian Games in Manila.

Philippines: Presidents

2 December 2005

Ricky Carandang analyzes why a recent survey has President Fidel V. Ramos, considered the country's most effective post-war President, slipping in the scales of popularity. Is it because he supports the current troubled President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo?