· October, 2005

Stories about Philippines from October, 2005

Philippines: Monster Ball

31 October 2005

An aswang is an evil, flesh-eating creature in Filipino folklore. They are said to infest particular provinces in the Philippines, one of which is now hosting an aswang festival. Sassy Lawyer writes down her thoughts about the Catholic Church's opposition to the celebration.

Philippines: Technology Salaries

31 October 2005

Pinoy.Tech.Blog and its readers react to data about information workers’ salaries in the U.S. with the observation that even technicians make 15-20 times more than a technician would be paid in the Philippines: “You can stop wondering about the rising trend in offshored operations.”

Philippines: Political Ads

27 October 2005

Manila streetwalker Carlos Celdran is stopped short by a set of billboards on a corner — all depicting heirs of famous political families using sex to hawk consumer goods.

Philippines: Zafra Eats Her Words

25 October 2005

Some years ago, popular columnist Jessica Zafra founded a magazine in Manila named Flip: The Official Guide to World Domination, in which she argued that Filipino migrant workers were the vanguard for a global takeover. Today, she admits she was wrong. “I thought we were going to achieve world domination...

Philippines: Conference Report

24 October 2005

The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism has reports here, here and here on its recently concluded “Journalists as Bloggers” Conference.

Philippines: The Omnipresence of Kris Aquino

21 October 2005

Jessica Zafra at Twisted sees ex-president's daughter, celebrity flack and gossip queen Kris Aquino everywhere. Her conclusion? She will be the future president.

Philippines: Blogconference

20 October 2005

If you're in Manila, get out your diaries: the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism is having a conference on “Journalists as Bloggers” this Saturday, Oct. 22.

Philippines: Bocobo's Back

18 October 2005

Dean Jorge Bocobo's blogiant Philippine Commentary has returned from a year's hiatus; many in the Filipino blogosphere welcome him back.

Philippines: Finding One's Niche

17 October 2005

Noting Retzwerx‘s high traffic on the back of his coverage of Pinoy Big Brother, technology news blog Ambot ah! muses on “focus blogs” and asks his readers to share how they found their niche.

Philippines: How many bloggers?

11 October 2005

Yuga takes issue with a recent estimate from the Blog Herald that there are around 75,000 bloggers in the Philippines, promising to come up with some more credible numbers.