· August, 2005

Stories about Philippines from August, 2005

Philippines: Economy refocus

31 August 2005

If it succeeds, Philippines will be one of the beneficiaries including the other 99 heavily indebted countries. Jose de Venecia’s program called “debt-for-equity-in-investments” has won Kofi Annan’s endorsement “as a creative way of approaching the issue”, as well as from the Italian and German governments. The JDV’s proposal also sparked...

Macao: Better air routes

  31 August 2005

Budget airlines are adding new routes linking Macao and South-East Asia. Singapore-based Tiger Airways will launch flights between Macao and Manila in late October 2005, in addition to its Singapore-Macao route. Air Asia currently operates Macao-Kuala lumpur and Macao-Bangkok flights.

Philippines: Going to the dogs

29 August 2005

The Socialist opposition has been busy using pets for political propaganda. It's a gimmick to dramatize their stand that the impeachment complaint hearings against President Arroyo in Congress are going to the dogs.

Philippines: Arroyo has to go

29 August 2005

To the members of the Black-and-White Movement, issues surrounding the Presidency and the Impeachment Complaint share no room for shades of gray when it comes to the Truth. There are others who feel the longer President Arroyo stays in power, the more bankrupt government becomes. A rally is being planned...

Philippines: Aquino 22 years after

23 August 2005

Benigno Aquino is remembered 22 years after he was assassinated. August 21, 1983, Aquino was shot dead on the tarmac of the Manila International Airport as he returned from exile to launch an opposition against dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.

Philippines: Coconet

22 August 2005

Philippines’ coconut geotextile (coconet) for soil erosion control has been chosen as one of the 12 finalists in Newsweek and BBC World’s World Challenge.

Philippines: An Angry Letter

19 August 2005

Frustrated by the descent into yet another political scandal, a.k.a. Gloriagate, Manila tour guide Carlos Celdran points accusingly at the older generation.

Philippines: ‘GloriaGate'?

18 August 2005

The impeachment of the chief tenant at Malacanang Palace still hogs the blog headlines. There are two observations from Sassy Lawyer, one went to her column in Manila Standard Today, the other to three lawyers who jumped into the headlines behind the warrantless raid.

Philippines: A ‘Failed State'?

17 August 2005

Is the Philippines a ‘failed state'? Journalist-blogger Manuel L. Quezon III stares into the country's No. 56 position in the Failed State Index, pointing to determining criteria defined by…. right, the CIA. He also points to elaborations by the Global Policy Forum and John Robb a.k.a. Global Guerrillas.

Philippines: Impeachment Rules

11 August 2005

The Sassy Lawyer's Journal wonders what's going on in the impeachment hearings in the Philippine House of Representatives.

Philippines: Kill the pork barrels

9 August 2005

The Sassy Lawyer writes about the Priority Development Assistance Fund, more commonly known as the pork barrel fund. The PDAF automatically allocates funds to legislators to spend as they wish.

Philippines: Raul Roco, RIP

5 August 2005

Torn and frayed in Manila mourns the death of former presidential candidate Raul Roco: “Philippine politics has lost perhaps its only intellectual heavyweight of recent years.”

Philippines: iBLOG DAY

4 August 2005

By Jove! has a roundup of the events at the iBlog mini summit in the Philippines. The primary focus of the day was the “Gloriagate” election scandal, though many other topics were covered.

Philippines: iBlog Mini Conference Tomorrow

3 August 2005

iBlog is sponsoring a mini-conference on the role of blogs in the President Arroyo vote-rigging scandal tomorrow at the University of the Philippines Law Center.

Philippines: Fellow journalist threatened

3 August 2005

Inside PCIJ reports that Glenda Gloria, the managing editor of Newsbreak magazine, recieved a chilling death threat yesterday. Ms. Gloria's recent reporting has focussed on the Philippine military.

Philippines: No need for charter change

2 August 2005

Inside PCIJ reports that a recent poll indicate that 70% of Filipinos believe that President Arroyo's call to amend the Constitution is unnecessary. On the flip side, however, roughly the same percentage admitted that they had little or no knowledge of the Constitution.