· November, 2012

Stories about Philippines from November, 2012

South China Sea or Austronesian Sea?

  30 November 2012

Le Minh Khai thinks that “Austronesian Sea” or “Nusantao Sea” are more appropriate names for the South China Sea referring to Austronesian peoples who navigated the territory in the past. There are maritime disputes in the area involving China and several Southeast Asian countries. The Philippine government has recently renamed...

Philippines: How “I’m a Liar?” Became #amalayer Hashtag

  20 November 2012

A college student from the Philippines berated a female guard at a Manila train station and accused the latter of being rude. The students tirade was documented on video and was uploaded on the internet. Filipino netizens accused the student of being arrogant and disrespectful. The #amalayer hashtag, which trended worldwide, was used in reference to the student’s pronunciation of ‘I'm a liar’.

Philippine Child Labor Data Portal

  15 November 2012

The Philippine government, in partnership with several child and labor groups, has launched a web portal on child labor “to share relevant data, foster communication, improve program monitoring and automate child labor case referrals” in the country.