· June, 2007

Stories about Sudan from June, 2007

China: Boycotting Beijing Olympics? They have ill intentions.

  27 June 2007

From Mia Farrow to François Bayrou to US Congressmen, every news or report about boycotting Beijing Olympics has provoked rounds of anger from China's netizens.  In a widely cross-posted blog post Boycotting Olympic: A farce doomed to failure, Wang Chong, a political commentor, grouped the boycotting Beijing Olympics advocators into...

NGO worker on Darfur

  26 June 2007

Alliance pour la democratie et le progres interviews an NGO worker (Fr) on the situation in Darfur. “Things won't get better quickly.”

Sudan: Eyes on Darfur

  12 June 2007

Eyes on Darfur via AfroSphere: “In June 2007, Amnesty International launched a human rights project and accompanying web site called Eyes On Darfur, which uses high resolution commercial satellite images of villages in the Darfur region. It features before and after satellite images of destroyed villages and villages at risk,...

Sudan: Darfur conflict vs. Paris Hilton on Google

  9 June 2007

Thinker's Room defines insanity as Paris Hilton vs. Darfur conflict on Google: “That’s right. There is almost FIVE TIMES as much content about some nebulous nobody than one of the biggest tragedies every to befall this earth. We pay more attention to issues of nuisance value than serious catastrophes that...

Debating Darfur: Bloggers question Sudanese ambassador to U.N.

  6 June 2007

“What does Sudan want?” “Who do you think are arming the rebels?” These deceptively simple questions were posed to the Sudanese ambassador to the United Nations by members of the panel at a Reuters Newsmaker event in New York on 24 May, 2007. His answers were evasive, and the debate...

Palestine: Peace Index

“The United States is among the least peaceful nations in the world, ranking 96th between Yemen and Iran, according to an index of 121 countries. According to the Global Peace Index, created by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Norway is the most peaceful nation and Iraq is the least, just after...