· August, 2005

Stories about Sudan from August, 2005

Sudan: Why the silence over Darfur rapes?

30 August 2005

Sudan: The Passion of the Present posts an open letter to the United Nations from Eve Ensler, asking why the UN has kept so quiet about the systematic use of rape in the troubled region of Darfur.

Sudan: Shotgun wedding

29 August 2005

Sleepless in Sudan hears about panic and gunfire in the troubled region of Darfur, only to discover that the shots were fired in honor of a newly-wed couple.

Sudan: Day for Darfur

  26 August 2005

The Passion of the Present flags “A Day for Darfur”, an event to be held outside the White House in Washington, DC on Sept 8.

Sudan: Aid flights halt as fuel runs out

24 August 2005

Sleepless in Sudan reports that the World Food Programme's aid delivery flights in and out of the troubled region of Darfur are grounded because there's no fuel to run them, leaving local workers unpaid and key equipment languishing in the capital.

Sudan: A different sort of rescue

23 August 2005

Aid worker Sleepless in Sudan, better known for her concern for the displaced humans of Darfur, tells the story of three young feline refugees and cultural differences in attitudes to animals.

Sudan: Is Darfur old news now?

  21 August 2005

Eugene at the Coalition for Darfur cites an opinion piece in the Freelance Star which wonders if international attention is shifting from the crisis in the troubled Sudanese region to the famine in Niger. Can the world pay attention to more than one big African story at a time? the...

Sudan: Darfur refugees appeal to UN

  21 August 2005

Displaced people in the troubled Sudanese region of Darfur have written to the United Nations, calling on officials to prevent further delays in peace talks between government and rebel forces, writes aid-worker Sleepless in Sudan.

Sudan: Money running out

19 August 2005

Sleepless in Sudan worries about what will happen if the African Union peacekeeping troops in the troubled region of Darfur don't get paid because of funding shortfalls.

Sudan: Intervention and genocide

19 August 2005

Sudan: The Passion of the Present blogs about a recent report on the effectiveness of military intervention in the case of genocide.

Sudan: Rains bring threat of disease

18 August 2005

Heavy rains which have hit the troubled Sudanese region of Darfur in recent days have increased the threat of waterborne disease, blogs aid worker Sleepless in Sudan.

Darfur: A blogger's background notes

16 August 2005

Ingrid at Sudan Watch has posted a series of background notes on the troubled Sudanese region of Darfur, including a summary of views of the Arab militia leader Musa Hilal, who is suspected of being behind many of the recent ethnic-cleansing style attacks on African villages.

E-mails about peacekeepers in Darfur

15 August 2005

Aid worker Sleepless in Sudan shares some e-mails she has received from researchers and other aid-workers in the troubled region of Darfur, as African Union peacekeepers begin their mission.

Sudan: More AU Troops coming?

12 August 2005

Humanitarian Hijinks on the mixed reaction that the arrival of more African Union troops in Darfur engenders.

Sudan: Hard Work and Bad Connections in Darfur

10 August 2005

Humanitarian Hijinks reports that tensions are running high in the refugee camps and that it's taking its toll on both aid workers and camp residents: “Truth in Darfur is becoming harder to find every day. The only thing most of us can agree on is that Darfur is still a...

Sudan: Tragically Funny

4 August 2005

Humanitarian Hijnks relates the tale of an NGO aid worker who was planning on starting a pilot chicken farm project… but the chickens involved met an unexpected and unfortuate fate.

Sudan: John Garang Killed

1 August 2005

New Sudanese Vice President John Garang died in a helicopter accident over the weekend, reports Black Looks. Garang had been a rebel leader and his accession to the Vice-Presidency had been considered a major milestone in the peace process.