· January, 2006

Stories about Sudan from January, 2006

Sudan: genocide

30 January 2006

SudanReeves reports that Sudan's displaced populations in Darfur are still at risk of being annihilated….”The ghastly final stage in the ongoing violent destruction of non-Arab or African tribal populations in Darfur has begun. An increasing number of reports highlight attacks on camps for displaced persons by Khartoum’s murderous Arab militia...

27 January 2006

Sudanreeves.org points to an interview with Eric Reeves on conflict in Sudan (January 26, 2006); hosted by Jerry Fowler, Staff Director of the Committee on Conscience of the Museum:

Sleepless in Sudan: Bloggie

26 January 2006

Sleepless in Sudan is back in the land of blogging and finds herself a nominee in the best Middle East/Africa blog award by Bloggie.

Sudan: Darfur Action Alerts

25 January 2006

The Passion of the Present announces three different Action items on Darfur and Sudan, all in February which is a month of action.

African Union: Sudan withdraws

  24 January 2006

The Fish Bowl points to a report in the London Independent that Sudan is withdrawing from the candidacy to chair the African Union after five countries withdrew their support.

Darfur: Podcasts

12 January 2006

The Committee on Conscience has two new podcasts on Sudan/Darfur “Sudan: Saving Peace in the East and “No Power to Protect: The African Union Mission in Sudan” via Coalition for Darfur.