· October, 2006

Stories about Sudan from October, 2006

Sudan: skin-color not the root cause of conflict in Sudan

  27 October 2006

Sudanese Thinker discusses the root causes of the conflict in Sudan, “The CBS documentary is cool but it fails like many other articles to describe the root causes of the conflict correctly. They’ve oversimplified it as a racist genocidal war by Arabs against Africans. While racism is definitely an element...

Africa: $5 Million for the Best Head of State

  26 October 2006

Sanaga Peregrinations writes (Fr): “A $5 million prize for the best African head of state. The prize was created by Sudanese billionaire Mo Ibrahim … The winning head of state will have to leave power democratically, will have to have managed his country properly when it comes to security, health,...

Sudan: Do muslim clericks care about Darfur?

  16 October 2006

Responding to reports about the letter Muslim clerics sent to the Pope, Sudan Watch wonders, “Strange how Muslims can find it within themselves to get up in the air about old writings but say very little about their brothers’ perishing in Darfur.”

Sudan: MySpace rocks for Darfur

  10 October 2006

Ethnicloft is a bit pessimistic about initiatives such “Rock for Darfur” organized by Myspace:”As they party hard, shamelessly, a multitude of people are being raped, maimed and killed, helplessly, in Darfur. I wonder if that ever crossed their mind.”

Africa: rice and neo-colonialism

  8 October 2006

What has rice got to do with neo-colonialism in Africa? Mining Exploration has the answer: “Africa is home to 8% of the world’s oil reserves, which has prompted Beijing to spend billions of dollars to secure drilling rights in Nigeria, Sudan and Angola and to negotiate exploration contracts with Chad,...

Sudan: helping Darfur

  6 October 2006

What is Africa doing to help Darfur?, asks Grandiose Parlor: It is a shame that the best Africa leaders can muster is some 7,000 ill-equipped troops that are expected to to police an area half the size of Nigeria! [Darfur=493 180 sq. km , Nigeria= 923,768 sq. km] This is...

Sudan: photos from Darfur

  5 October 2006

“Before a patrol the South Africans in Sector 6 do an organised and structured final inspection before going. Sector 6 is currently still the most dangerous sector in Darfur,” writes Werner Klokow, a South African soldier with the African Union peacekeeping force in Darfur, Sudan, who keeps a photoblog.

Congolese Blogger on Darfur

  5 October 2006

At Forum Realisance (Fr), Congolese blogger Musengeshi Katata takes France, Colin Powell, Henry Kissinger, Christianity, radical Islam and the black African elite to task for the conflict in Darfur: “Darfur is not only a new battlefield between Christianity and Islam; it is also offers a poignant indictment of the black...