· December, 2005

Stories about Sudan from December, 2005

Sudan: Darfur

26 December 2005

Passion of the Present points to an article in the New York Times that analyses concerns over the ethical dilemmas faced by aid organizations in dealing with restrictions imposed by oppressive governments.

Sudan: refugees to be repatriated over 5 years

20 December 2005

Passion of the Present reports that the UN is to facilitate the return of 60,000 refugees to the South of Sudan by May next year………..”The move started Saturday and it could take up to five years to repatriate all 560,000 southern Sudanese refugees in seven neighboring countries — Central African...

Sudan: spotlight on Darfur

20 December 2005

Missionary blogger based in Burkina Faso, Under the Acacias, points to Spotlight on Darfur which is a roundup of posts on the continuing situation in the Sudan……”In the Western world Christmas has become a time of glitz and tinsel, and also for many a time to give and receive gifts....

Ethiopia/Sudan telephone link

  14 December 2005

Friends of Ethiopia writes that plans are underway to build a telephone fibre optic link between Ethiopia and Sudan...”Ethiopia and Sudan, two of the world's poorest and least-wired nations, want to expand information and communication technologies coverage to the respective country in the future”

Voices from the Horn of Africa and Sudan

  14 December 2005

Our look at what bloggers in the Horn of the African continent and Sudan are saying begins in Darfur and with some good news. Sleepless in Sudan is reporting that the ban on commercial traffic in one of the refugee camps called Kalma has been lifted. In its own words:...

Sudan: Darfur children

12 December 2005

Passion of the Present writes on a UNICEF project to provide safe places for refugee children to help them overcome trauma and malnutrition…..UNICEF is supporting 46 ‘child-friendly spaces’ in five refugee camps in eastern Chad, where families have fled the fighting in the neighbouring Darfur region of Sudan.


8 December 2005

Darfur blog, The Passion of the Present annouces today as “Die-In-for-Darfur, Turn the heat on Rice”.. …join Africa Action and friends as we rally at the State Department to challenge Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice to take immediate action to stop genocide in Darfur, Sudan. To represent the 400,000 people...

Darfur: Helping out

6 December 2005

Sleepless in Sudan offers some suggestions for those wondering what they can do “to help the people in Darfur“……Find out more; Give money; Nag the politicians and newspapers; Join an activist group; Be creative