· December, 2010

Stories about Sudan from December, 2010

Sudan: High technology is no substitute for ordinary people

  31 December 2010

George Clooney has initiated a project, Satellite Sentinel, which uses satellite imagery analysis and Google's Map Marker technology to prevent the resumption of war between North and South Sudan. Carne Cross, a former British diplomat, has written a critique of the project on his blog arguing that high technology is no substitute for ordinary people.

Sudan: Land Grabbing in Sudan

  28 December 2010

Henry's data visualization of land grabbing in Sudan: “I read an article this morning about “land grabbing” in Africa by foreign countries. When I read the amount of land being acquired by foreign investors in Sudan, I thought to my self, “that is horrible”. Then I took a closer look...

Sudan: President Announces North Will Be Ruled By Islamic Law If South Separates

  27 December 2010

As the referendum on whether or not Southern Sudan will separate approaches, a few Sudanese bloggers have been busy commenting on the future prospects of their country. Recent comments made by the Sudanese President, Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, about the implementation of Islamic Law in North Sudan if the South separates have sparked controversy

Sudan: My Juba Diary

  23 December 2010

This is Grains of Masala's Juba Diary. Juba is the regional capital of Southern Sudan: “Interesting ride; I love taxi drivers! They are such a great source of the most amazing stories. My driver was a Ugandan who came to Juba 4 years ago…I bully him a little, and ask...

Sudan: Happy holidays and a peaceful referendum

  22 December 2010

Here's a roundup of latest blog posts about Southern Sudan Independence Referendum 2011. According to the 2005 Naivasha Agreement between the central government in Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Southern Movement, South Sudan will hold a referendum on whether or not to remain part of Sudan on 9 January 2011.

Sudan: Southern Sudanese to vote in eight countries

  17 December 2010

Southern Sudanese in eight countries around the world will be able to participate in Southern Sudan Independence Referendum: “The United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM) is organizing “Out of Country Voting” in eight countries, so that Southern Sudan’s undeniably far-flung (think Australia to California to the UK) diaspora population.”

Sudan: Low turnout for female voters

  15 December 2010

What is the reason behind a low female turnout to register for the January 9 referendum?: “At the Dr. John Garang Mausoleum in the heart of Juba, under a baking morning sun, two dozen or so men wait patiently in line to be registered to vote. A separate line for...

Sudan: Hip hop star Emmanuel Ja raps for peace

  15 December 2010

A former child soldier in Sudan Emmanuel Ja raps for peace in Sudan: “On the eve of South Sudan’s independence referendum, international hip hop star Emmanuel Jal is calling out to the world to say, “We want peace,” with the help of friends like Alicia Keys, Peter Gabriel, and George...