· July, 2007

Stories about Sudan from July, 2007

Fighting HIV/AIDS in ‘post-Islamist’ Sudan

  27 July 2007

Despite the challenges of preventing the spread of HIV in what remains a deeply conservative society, a Tunisian blogger working in Sudan's national AIDS prevention program observes a growing openness to once-taboo ideas.

Sudan: why only three gold medals?

  24 July 2007

Black Cush writes about Sudan's perfomance at All-Africa Games 2007: “Thanks to Mouna Djaber, Kaki Abubaker and Yamile Aldama for the three Gold medals. Unfortunately, the efforts are not being covered by the Sudanese media.”

Sudan: where is the bridge? + more floods, more photos

  11 July 2007

The question is “where is the bridge?: “Back at the flood, the officer spent two minutes looking at my card, then said “No photos. I think there is a bridge here”. I did a quick scan of the landscape – 360 degrees of flat, flat plains, flood water and a...