· November, 2005

Stories about Sudan from November, 2005

Darfur: firewood patrols

30 November 2005

Sleepless in Sudan reports on the return of the “so-called firewood patrols” in Darfur……The idea behind the firewood patrols is pretty simple: the African Union (who has deployed about 6500 troops to Darfur to monitor the situation and create a more secure environment) is meant to work with local police...

The Darfur Crisis: Bloggers Speak

30 November 2005

The western Sudanese region of Darfur made the headlines for a significant portion of last year when millions of civilians were displaced by fighting between rebel groups and the pro-Sudanese government Janjaweed militia. The Janjaweed militia was also implicated in the killing of innocent civilians and the raping of women,...

Darfur: Peace talks

21 November 2005

Sleepless in Sudan is critical of the so called “final” round of Darfur peace talks which start today……”So what's the problem in this round of peace talks? Well, besides the obvious (the fact that none of the parties has ever made the slightest attempt to actually respect the ceasefire agreements...

Sudan: Lords Resistance Army

  9 November 2005

Uganda-Can reports that Ugandan rebel group, the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) will in future be challenged by southern Sudanese forces. Salva Kiir, Sudan's new Vice President has put dealing with the LRA as one of the top three priorites for rebuilding southern Sudan.

Horn of Africa: HR petition

  8 November 2005

Inside Somaliland reports on a petition against the worsening human rights violations in Ethiopia. The petition is being organised by a Horn of Africa coalition consisting of “Human Rights Defenders from Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Somaliland, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania, united in the East and Horn of Africa...

A look at the blogosphere in the Horn of Africa and Sudan

  1 November 2005

The term Horn of Africa in this report represents Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. Ethiopian bloggers have been busy assessing the political situation in their country following general elections held there in May 2005 which the ruling party of Prime Minister Meles Zewani reportedly won. Ethiopundit in an article entitled Politics...