· July, 2005

Stories about Sudan from July, 2005

Sudan: Books for universities

22 July 2005

Humanitarian Hijinks, a blog written by a relief worker in Sudan, has a great suggestion for donating books to the area.

Africa: Condi In Africa

  20 July 2005

Githush wonders why it took Condi so long to go to Africa. In the same post, he points out that First Lady Laura Bush and daughters have been in Africa the whole past week, but that hasn't exactly been well-covered in the United States.

A unique view from Darfur: Sleepless in Sudan

  20 July 2005

The news stories go by – the London bombings, the G-8/Live8 focus on Africa, the six month anniversary of the Boxing Day tsunami – and Darfur remains. As it's become abundantly clear that the US won't have major involvement with the Darfur situation, it's less commmon to see news stories...

Sudan: Rainy Season

18 July 2005

Humanitarian Hijinks, the anonymous blog of a relief worker in Darfur, notes that it's only a few weeks into the rainy season but it's already starting to flood–not to mention the increased mosquitoes and the attendant malaria risk.

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf says he was expecting to read in detail about the historical events that happen in Sudan now but he did not find any posts about that.