· December, 2008

Stories about Sudan from December, 2008

MSF's Top 10 Humanitarian Crises in 2008

  23 December 2008

MSF (Doctors without borders) has released its annual list of Top 10 Humanitarian Crises of 2008 and the DR Congo, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Somalia and Ethiopia's Somali region made the cut. Several bloggers have commented on the list, including The Road to the Horizon who noted that there was “no under-reporting...

Egypt: Dirty Sexy Secrets

  5 December 2008

Young enlightened Egyptian bloggers write about their society's sex code, racism, bigotry, and lust after scandals - all in an attempt to make Egypt a better place to live in. Marwa Rakha zooms into the Egyptian blogosphere to bring us the story.

Sudan: Deployment of a joint AU & UN force to Darfur

  4 December 2008

AK of For Sudan comments on the Sudanese government accepting a agreed to the deployment to Darfur of a joint force of the African Union and the United Nations: “So is this a move in the right direction? Absolutely! However, the ‘international community’ i.e. the US has been focusing too...