· August, 2007

Stories about Sudan from August, 2007

Sudan: Sudanese Saint Josephine Bakhita

  30 August 2007

Remembering the Sudanese Saint Josephine Bakhita: “Reading St.Josephine Bakhita's story made me want 2 cry, at the time when most of us had a pretty decent childhood, she spent hers as a slave.”

Buying condoms in Sudan

  11 August 2007

In Sudan, the possession of a condom can be considered a sign of planning to have extramarital sex. But as Zizou from Djerba writes, he's seeing condoms on sale in pharmacies, grocery stores, and hair salons. “I'm really impressed by these government officials who [by promoting condom use] take risks...

Sudanese bloggers pay tribute to political hero

  7 August 2007

This week the two main topics the Sudanese blogged about are on the late politician and former vice president Dr. John Garang and Sudan's acceptance of the Darfur UN resolution. Sudanese Returnee was one of those who blogged in honor of Dr. John Garang: The late Dr. John Garang is...

Sudan: the documentary you are not supposed to watch

  6 August 2007

We Blog for Darfur writes about Jihad on the Horseback, a documentary the Sudanese president does not want you to watch: “The Arab media has sadly done a bad job at covering the Darfur conflict seriously and thoroughly. There hasn’t been any investigative piece of journalism or a documentary from...

Israel: Sudanese Refugees – like Darfur, as Auschwitz

Over the past several months, a growing number of Sudanese refugees have been crossing into Israeli territory through the Egyptian desert. The Israeli government has reacted by placing many in detention camps, and is currently considering their fate. Israeli bloggers are questioning their government's actions, comparing the situation to that...