· November, 2006

Stories about Sudan from November, 2006

Sudan: can bloggers save Darfur?

  30 November 2006

In a post titled, Can Bloggers Save Darfur?, We Blog for Darfur respond to arguments raised by Mark Jones, the Global Community Editor for Reuters, “We don’t ask for your money, we ask for your attention so that you will be educated as to what’s actually going on in Darfur.”

Sudan: UN troops in Sudan?

  29 November 2006

Sudanese Thinker is trying to make sense of the deal between the Sudanese government and the United Nations, “Has Sudan really accepted the deal and is simply downplaying that fact? Or are the UN and AU moving ahead without a clear “green light” from al-Bashir? The language used in recent...

Africa: Africa's economies

  28 November 2006

Eliesmith writes about the 2006 African Development Indicator, “According to the report, the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of South Africa have retained their dominant positions on the economies of sub-Saharan Africa. Both countries account for 55% of the GDP of the region.”

Sudan: Southern Sudanese are trapped

  26 November 2006

Africa Blogs explain why Southern Sudanese feel trapped, “Inside the mud-and-wattle structures, eating places by day and pubs by night, littering the Juba streets, people hurdle to discuss the future of Southern Sudan. But they are discovering that it’s becoming harder to discuss the future without discussing the wave of...

Sudan: Democratic victory, Darfur's loss

  24 November 2006

John Akec argues that the control of both the Senate and House by the Democratic majority after the US mid-term elections is a loss for South Sudan and Darfur, “I am very concerned that the good days of handshake by Sudan opposition leaders with the US president in the Oval...

Sudan: brain gain

  24 November 2006

Are you a Sudanese living abroad? Do you want to go home and serve your country? The UNDP has a special programme for you.

Tanzanian bloggers’ virtual conference

  18 November 2006

Tanzanian bloggers worldwide are meeting formally for the first time today October 18th, 2006. After calls by several African bloggers for African bloggers to organise their ‘own’ media and blogging conference following the Digital Citizens Indaba controversy and especially after several prompts from a Tanzanian Rastafarian blogger Ras Laihamu, Jeff...

Sudan: relief agency pulls out

  13 November 2006

The Norwegian Refugee Council pulls out of Darfur: One can always hope for the best, but I very much doubt that the NRC will be the last organization to quit Darfur. In the past few months, many other relief agencies have cut back their operations in the area due to...