· March, 2006

Stories about Sudan from March, 2006

China: Convenient humanitarianism

  29 March 2006

In his post “Arab Leaders Ignore Chinese,” lordgenius at China Intel mentions an upcoming meeting between the Arab League and the Chinese Communist Party in Sudan which will focus on Iraq, the Palestinian-Israeli peace process and the ongoing civil strife in western Sudan's Darfur region. “Isn't there something missing here?...

African Music Roundup #5

  28 March 2006

yay! summer is upon us over here in the UK and that only means one thing. concerts, festivals, showcases. An abundance of music, sunshine and outdoor runnings. Smiles on peoples faces, the pace less hurried. In rotation as I type? Bongo Flava : Swahili rap from Tanzania, a dope compilation...

Sudan: Row over Sharia

  27 March 2006

Sudan Watch reports on a row brewing in Sudan between the two partners in government (the North and the South) over whether the capital, Khartoum should be subject to Islamic law, Sharia -

Africa: We Can't Blame Everything on the West

  26 March 2006

Le Pangolin writes (FR): “So long as we fail to entertain critiques of our destructive ways, we will always be dominated by the West. Imagine for a moment all Africans living in Europe creating investment funds; they could then purchase on [various] stock markets the very companies that determine the...

From Darfur to Avian Flu: Views from the Horn of Africa and Sudan

  17 March 2006

The Darfur crisis continues to dominate the English-speaking Sudanese blogosphere. The blog Coalition for Darfur quotes a World Food Program (WFP) report, which tells of rations of pulses, sugar and salt being cut from March 2006 in Darfur. This is as a result of “slow donor response to WFP’s Emergency...

Sudan: Darfur alert

  16 March 2006

Human Rights Action calls on 200,000 to stand in for the victims of atrocities in Darfur...”At least two million people have been forced to flee their homes—and are displaced in Sudan or in camps in neighboring Chad. Help us stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves. We are...

Sudan: Time for war is up

  14 March 2006

The African Union tells fighters at Sudan peace talks that their time is up….If they can reach an agreement this may pave the way for the deployment of UN peacekeepers . Sudan Watch

Sudan: peace talks

  13 March 2006

Coalition for Darfur points to a report on peace talks between warring parties taking place in Abuja Nigeria. The AU mediator stated “If any party refuses to sign the enhanced humanitarian ceasefire agreement, we will have no option but to conclude that it is not interested in peace and the...

Sudan: Eyewitness reports from Darfur

  10 March 2006

Passion of the Present points to two reports on Darfur from eye witnesses accounts on the violence. “As part of the “Tour of Darfur; Eyewitness to Genocide,” a national speaking tour sponsored by the Save Darfur Coalition, Steidle discussed his firsthand experience of witnessing the mass murder of African Tribes...

Sudan: education for girls & women

  9 March 2006

Sudan Watch reports on an Irish aid NGO that is providing schools for girls and adult education for women in rural Sudan. She also points to a message on IWD from the Physicians for Human Rights on Darfur.

Sudan: Archbishop silent on Darfur

  7 March 2006

Passion of the Present as points to an article in the UK Observer which questions why the Archbishop of Canterbury failed to mention the “arson rape massacres” taking place in Darfur

Sudan: reject UN peacekeepers

  3 March 2006

Sudan Reeves reports that Darfur is held hostage as Sudan rejects UN peace keeping forces.……..”Khartoum’s overwhelmingly dominant National Islamic Front (NIF) has, with growing confidence, aggressively rejected a UN peacekeeping force (itself only a distant and almost certainly inadequate means of protection)

Views from the Horn of Africa and Sudan

  2 March 2006

The Ethiopian blogosphere has been awash with discussions spanning a variety of topics. Politically focused Ethiopian blogs such as Ethiopundit and Ethiopian Paradox continue in their tradition of providing thought provoking pieces on the current state of the Ethiopian nation and those who govern it. Ethiopian Paradox presents a write-up...