· August, 2009

Stories about Sudan from August, 2009

Sudan: Promoting peace in Sudan

  28 August 2009

Laura discusses peace efforts in Sudan: “In the three days since the Sudan Now initiative launched, we’ve seen a number of bloggers and journalists qualify their reports of activist frustration by noting that the Obama administration has indeed been active in trying to address the multiple crises in Sudan”

Qatar: The Sudanese “Sin”

Intlxpatr, self-described as an expat currently living in Doha, Qatar, comments on the case of a Sudanese UN female employee Lubna Hussein, who has been sentenced to 40 lashes for the “sin” of wearing trousers in Khartoum.

In France, Sudan, Burqas and Trousers Cause Controversy

  4 August 2009

The world is once more talking about what women wear, or rather, should not wear. A planned ban against burqas in France? A trial against a woman journalist in trousers in Sudan? French bloggers draw parallels and question what is at stake beyond religion or decency.