· May, 2007

Stories about Sudan from May, 2007

Darfur: The Reality, the Agenda & the Proposed Solution

  24 May 2007

Darfur, in the minds of different people, constitutes and means different things. This is due to the fact that we, the general public around the world are getting exposed to a tirade of conflicting views and information. As that continues, so will our polarization. Therefore, the long and seemingly endless...

Join the Debate on Darfur 10am (EST) TODAY!

  24 May 2007

Further to our earlier post, here's a quick update on the Reuters Newsmaker event on Darfur, which takes place in New York starting at 10am EST today. Our Sub-Saharan Africa editor Ndesanjo Macha will be live-blogging the event at his blog, Jikomboe, so you'll be able to follow the proceedings there. Reuters will be tossing to the GV team from time to time for questions and feedback, so please leave any comments you may have either on this post or on Ndesanjo's blog. In related news, Reuters Alertnet this morning released the results of its poll on the situation of Aid workers in Darfur (full coverage here).

Sudan: Blogging From the Conflict Zone

  23 May 2007

Increasingly, aid workers, volunteers and even peacekeepers use blogs to share their unique experiences and insights from conflict zones. Take the Darfur conflict in Sudan, for example. Sleepless in Sudan was one of the first blogs to highlight the untold suffering of innocent people in Darfur. Sleepless in Sudan, which was nominated in the 2006 "Bloggies" Weblog Award contest, was maintained by a female aid worker stationed in Darfur. For nine months, Sleepless in Sudan told stories of life in Darfur from the ground.

Sudan: If there were a transcript…

  22 May 2007

Ingrid at Sudan Watch on the Debate on Darfur: “Heh. Rock on Drima! Why no webcast? If there were a transcript, I'd mull over John Prendergast's commentary in the hope of getting some understanding of the rationale behind his warmongering stance on Sudan.”

Sudan: I wish the damn thing was freaking televised

  22 May 2007

Sudanese Thinker wishes the debate on Darfur was televised: “Told ya! I just wish this damn thing was freaking televized. I’m expecting a heated debate to go down especially since the Sudanese Ambassador to the U.N. is going to be present. I predict that he’ll get banged with many questions....

Sudan: how many envoys are needed for peace?

  22 May 2007

Black Cush on special envoys to Sudan: “How many special envoys will it take to bring peace to Darfur? 10, 20, 50? All the ones there are no good enough, or just not doing enough. Any country with a conscience wants to be seen doing something for Darfur by having...

Sudan: uninformed about Darfur

  22 May 2007

Nigerian blogger, Omodudu, writes, “I dropped the ball on Darfur“: I have rocked a banner or two or even made a post on this blog to push the save-Dafur-message. But beyond that I have been so uninformed about this conflict. I assumed the Dafur conflict was one and the same...

Sudan: dealing with Darfur

  21 May 2007

Jeff Msangi writes about Darfur: “The way the international community have and still handles the Darfur issue is a good proof of how priorities have changed lately.What we don't understand is that by neglecting cases like Darfur we are not only doing a massive injustice to humanity but also continue...

Sudan: divestment update

  21 May 2007

“As many readers of this blog know, PetroChina, a Chinese oil company, is one of the highest offenders in funding the genocide in Darfur. As of the end of 2006, Fidelity, a US based investment firm, was the largest PetroChina shareholder on the New York Stock Exchange,” writes Zahara Heckscher...

Sudan: pressure on China is mandatory

  21 May 2007

Cooper, blogging at Hell on Earth, notes: “To keep pressure on China is mandatory. It is also mandatory for major news organizations and little bitty blogs to keep noting the very large part the government in Khartoum plays in the displacement, starvation, rape and murder of it’s own people.”

Africa: Blog This Poem!

  18 May 2007

The African blogosphere is rapidly expanding, bringing more voices online in the form of commentaries, opinions, analyses, rants...and poetry. Blogs have created a new space for African poets to share their creative and imaginative works with a wider audience. Today, I will introduce you to a few poems written by African bloggers.

Sudan: satellite mapping of a conflict zone

  18 May 2007

Bloggers for Darfur briefly comment on Google Earth satellite mapping of Darfur crisis: “This story has been all over the news this week–with Google Earth satellite mapping service, we can now zoom in on the 1,600 Sudanese villages destroyed as part of the genocide that's been occurring in Darfur since...

Sudan: identity crisis

  17 May 2007

Sudanese Thinker writes about identity crisis in Sudan: “After 9/11, I believe things changed for most Northern Sudanese though. Many in America where happy to be identified as African and not Arab. They wanted nothing to do with being Arab. All of a sudden it became a burden. My brother...

South Africa/Sudan: peacekeeper and bloggers returns home

  17 May 2007

A South African peacekeeper and blogger returns home from Darfur, Sudan: “Driving from the airport in Johannesburg to Pretoria. What a sweet feeling to be back home. After three days of demobilisation we were allowed to go to our homes. Even though I was happy to arrive home I am...

Sudan: Sudanese father and daughter on guitar

  7 May 2007

Amazing Sudanese guitarists: “Father and daughter. 2 classical guitars. Skill level required to play? Not much at all. Creativity level required to come up with those super unique Sudanese tunes? Pretty damn high I think. I was blown away by this. It took me right back home and I felt...