· September, 2005

Stories about Sudan from September, 2005

Sudan: Death toll rises

30 September 2005

The Passion of the Present posts a comprehensive round-up of news out of the troubled Sudanese region of Darfur, where mounted Arab militia gangs are stepping up their attacks on villages and camps.

Sudan: Well, duh.

  29 September 2005

So the U.N. continues to say things are getting worse in the troubled Sudanese region of Darfur. “What would really be news is if someone actually prosecuted the people behind the violence for their crimes,” writes a furious and on-the-spot Sleepless in Sudan. And until the international community actually gets...

D.R. Congo: What shall we do with the Lord's Resistance?

  28 September 2005

Congo Watch picks up a report saying that the Congolese army has vowed to disarm 400 Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) fighters who have crossed their border and were last seen subsisting in a national park. S/he also notes a recent post by Ngomrom mentioned on GV last week.

Sudan: Gallows humour

  28 September 2005

To an aid worker in Darfur whose boyfriend hasn't e-mailed her for a week: “It's not you, he's probably just been abducted by rebels.” This, reports Sleepless in Sudan, became a running joke among NGO workers for a while–until someone's boyfriend was abducted by rebels.

Sudan: Darfur problems worsen

28 September 2005

The United Nations does little more than wring its hands as fighting intensifies in the troubled Sudanese region of Darfur; thousands more civilians flee their homes as U.N. officials admit they haven't addressed the problems there, reports Coalition for Darfur.

Sudan: Darfur update

  27 September 2005

Sleepless in Sudan fleshes out her report of a military build-up in the northern Darfur town of El Fasher with the latest official news dispatch from the United Nations.

Sudan: Mounting tension

26 September 2005

Aid worker Sleepless in Sudan reports that thousands of Arab camel-herders are gathering near the Kalma camp for displaced persons, while elsewhere in the troubled region of Darfur, rebel militias are said to be infiltrating the northern town of El Fasher.

Sudan: Medair chopper service

23 September 2005

The Passion of the Present reports that the roads in West Darfur have become so dangerous that Switzerland-based medical aid NGO Medair has started helicopter flights to reach affected areas. Medair is one of the longest-serving NGOs in Darfur, with a presence there since 2001.

Sudan: Fresh killings, rape, destruction

22 September 2005

Aid worker Sleepless in Sudan reports fresh outbreaks of fighting in the troubled region of Darfur. “It is tragic to see that even after two years of conflict we are still witnessing fresh displacement and horrific stories of burning villages, killings and rape,” she writes.

Sudan: Follow the crude

  22 September 2005

Ngomrom examines the death of Sudanese vice-president John Garang in a Ugandan helicopter crash , and the relationship between Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army and the possiblity of a seceded southern Sudan gaining possession of huge oil reserves.

Sudan: Darfur pledge mp3

  21 September 2005

Via The Passion of the Present, a public service announcement mp3 advertising the “Darfur Pledge” campaign from The Ethic, namely to contact the White House weekly about the mass killings, rapes and displacement of people in the troubled Sudanese region of Darfur. http://www.radiospace.com/AudioFiles/dppsa1-96.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple...

Sudan: Give a woman a bicycle

20 September 2005

Sleepless in Sudan gets caught up in a gender-skewed debate about the use of bicycles in the internally displaced persons (IDP) camp where she works.

Kenya: Nobel Peace Prize nominee?

  16 September 2005

Black Star Journal notes the work of Kenya's Gen. Lazaro Sumbeiywo as a peace-broker in southern Sudan, as reported in the Christian Science Monitor.

Sudan: Peace deadline passes

16 September 2005

Sleepless in Sudan posts about the lack of news and the challenge of staying hopeful in the troubled Sudanese region of Darfur, sparking a long comment full of historical background from a Sudanese expat.

Sudan: Violence against women

15 September 2005

Congo Girl expresses anger at a news release from the United Nations detailing the continuing nightmare of sexual violence against women and girls in the troubled Sudanese region of Darfur, asking whether such late publicity will translate into action.

Sudan: Trauma report

  13 September 2005

Sleepless draws our attention to a report by UNICEF on the traumatic effects of the Darfur atrocities, and re-tells a tale that made a prominent African community leader cry in public.

Sudan: Spotlight on Darfur

12 September 2005

AllThings2All hosts a detailed round-up of blogs, Spotlight on Darfur 1, which focuses attention on the troubled Sudanese region.

Sudan: AIDS-related deaths

7 September 2005

Sleepless in Sudan reports on local reactions to the deaths of two African Union peacekeeping soldiers in Darfur from complications related to HIV/AIDS.

Sudan: Execution of minors

7 September 2005

The Sudanese government has executed people who were minors at the time of the crimes they were accused of, and denied a fair trial to others sentenced to death, according to a recent statement posted on Human Rights Watch.

Sudan: Love and aid

6 September 2005

Sleepless in Sudan has found a man! and blogs hilariously about what can go wrong with a date in Darfur…