· August, 2008

Stories about Sudan from August, 2008

Sudan: Blogger celebrates turning 22

  28 August 2008

Drima, the 2007 Weblog Awards finalist, turns 22, “I hated the 20th, hated the 21st (which I actually didn’t even remember until I started receiving “happy birthday” wishes via text messages), but the 22nd? Oh my, I’m totally loving it.”

China: Darfur activist has visa revoked

  6 August 2008

Twitter user and Team Darfur spokesperson Emma Stone Mackinnon has just tweeted: “China revoked Joey Cheek's visa just now…no links yet, press release just went out.” More on Joey Cheek at Wikipedia.

Sudan: YouTube Blocked

  4 August 2008

YouTube has been partially blocked for internet users in Sudan for reasons that are still unknown. Some Sudanese in the country report being able to access YouTube without any problems, while others report being sent to a page with the following message: "Sorry, this page has been blocked by National Telecommunication Corporation."