· December, 2006

Stories about Sudan from December, 2006

Africa: China-Africa trade

  21 December 2006

Africa-China relationship is increasingly becoming an important subject to bloggers in the African blogosphere as seen in the latest post on the subject by Grandiose Parlor:“More on China-Africa trade.”

Sudan: should South Sudan separate?

  18 December 2006

Black Cush writes about the case for South Sudan to form a separate state, “South Sudan has the most untapped resource, in both human and natural. The vast oil reserves in the South could give its economy might that can rival South Africa in growth. There are also other minerals...

A First Round-Up of the Sudanese Blogosphere

  16 December 2006

Today in the Sudanese blogosphere, we notice a variety of opinions on different topics. Black Kush from South Sudan has 2 posts entitled “How Egypt is woeing South Sudan” where you’ll find an interesting exchange between him and an Egyptian. It was no surprise when the news came out that...

Sudan: UN peacekeeper in Darfur

  6 December 2006

A South African peacekeeper and blogger in Darfur responds to questions from Sudan Watch : Question: How can you tell who is a bandit and who is a janjaweed? Answer: I wish I knew. The one is politically motivated and the other is not.