· September, 2007

Stories about Sudan from September, 2007

Sudan: The future of the “African solution”

  25 September 2007

The African Dove discusses the “African solution”: Africa, following the times of colonization, has fostered an attitude of “African solutions to solve African problems”. After years of severe oppression and domination by western countries, the last thing newly independent African countries wanted was more westerners meddling in their domestic issues.

Does anything good ever happen in Africa?

  14 September 2007

Our latest roundup of diverse topics and discussions taking place in the Sudanese blogosphere begins with a provocative question about Africa, which was posed to Sudanese blogger, Kizzie, "Does anything good ever happen there?"

Chile: Troops to Darfur

  4 September 2007

“If the government has declared that it wants to position Chile as a country worried about human rights, then sending troops to Darfur would be an action more revealing than entering into the International Crimes Tribunal or winning a seat on the Human Rights Council of the UN,” writes El...