· March, 2009

Stories about Humor from March, 2009

Ukraine: Imaginary “Tweets”

Michelle Knisley of Greetings From Kyiv imagines herself “twittering” her daily routine in Ukraine's capital: “[…] 9:09: Just missed getting run over by a car on the sidewalk 9:15: Ice fell from the building but it missed me […]”

Trinidad & Tobago: Spending Habits

  3 March 2009

From Trinidad and Tobago, This Beach Called Life takes issue with the Prime Minister's spending habits (“$TT 3 million was spent on drapes for the Prime Minister’s mansion”), even as he calls on the rest of the population to tighten their belts.

China: RMB for Children

  3 March 2009

Chris from ChinaSMACK translated a news story and netizens comments on toy bank and pirated RMB for children in Shanxi, China.

Korea: First dating, how to read your partner within 10 minutes.

  2 March 2009

How can you find a perfect man for yourself as soon as possible? I discovered that a blogger shares some interesting psychological analyses of how you can read personalities and characteristics of a man you’re dating, and find a man who is suitable for your personality. 남자를 꼭 몇개월씩 사귀어야...