· January, 2011

Stories about Humor from January, 2011

Nigeria: A humorous take on kidnapping

  28 January 2011

Solomon says that Nigerians have managed to find humor in something as troubling as kidnapping: “Laughter is simply a way of dealing with this most serious issue in Nigerian society. But, this video makes me think of something help.”

Ghana: GMT means Ghana Man Time!

  26 January 2011

Do you know Ghana Time?: “Jokes abound about lateness – GMT stands for Ghana Man Time – and there is an assumption that nothing will ever start on time. And yet sometimes I wonder whether things don’t start on time because people are late, or because the attendees know that...

Ghana: 10 Do's and Don'ts of Accra

  24 January 2011

10 do's and don'ts of Accra, Ghana: “Don’t shake hands with the left hand. Also, don’t eat with the left hand. Always use the right hand when dealing with people and showing directions, Don’t be a fan of taxis in general whiles staying in Accra rather, opt for the cheapest...

World: Humor from around the world

  23 January 2011

George shares with his readers favourite jokes from around the world from an article he read in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from an article written by Joris Luyendijk in “Startwo: Lifestyle”: “Here are some that I as visitor from Africa and any other developing country found so amusing, as it relates...

China: Police and Japanese porn star

  19 January 2011

Many regional police departments have launched their micro-blogs at Sina for promoting their image and public relations. Recently netizens found out that Xigang Branch Office of Dalian Police Department has only followed one user – Sora Aoi, a popular Japanese porn star in China. See Ministry of Tofu for their...

Trinidad & Tobago: The Piano Man?

  17 January 2011

After all the brouhaha surrounding a missing grand piano (which has subsequently been found) at the Prime Minister's residence, the fake former PM has his say.

China: No more award and prize!

  17 January 2011

It is clear that the Chinese government is not happy about the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. However, it is beyond normal people's imagination that the propaganda machine would turn its resentment into the censorship of the terms "award" and "prize".

Trinidad & Tobago: Missing Piano

  14 January 2011

“It is indeed a sad indictment on our country that the top story emanating from the Parliament and making its way to the front page of a national daily newspaper was the apparent disappearance of a grand piano…”: Plain Talk examines the sheet music surrounding the latest political fiasco.

COP 16: Agreement on Form But Without the Funds

  6 January 2011

The 16th Conference of the Parties (COP 16) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) ended in Cancun last December 11 with the adoption of a host of decisions. Bloggers in Bolivia, Mexico, and Togo give a lukewarm reception to the decisions, which don't seem to have a clearly defined roadmap for their financing.

China: Voila! RMB 77 rent per month

  4 January 2011

To express the CCP's caring for the livelihood of ordinary people, the CCTV network news broadcast featured President Hu Jintao's visit to several low-income families in Beijing on December 30, 2010. However the conversation between President Hu and Guo Chunping, the supposed representative of the low-income residents, has sparked off a new round of netizen uproar.