· July, 2007

Stories about Humor from July, 2007

China: The hair blogger

  31 July 2007

Ben Ross, an American blogger in Fujian province, hit the bloglight this year when he began working full-time in a Chinese barber shop, blogging his way through the month and the several hairdos that came with it. Today he recaps the road to fame his hair has led him to,...

Kuwait: Pictures, Sights and Events

Kuwaiti bloggers are leaping into action, discovering their surroundings, attending events and covering them, keeping tabs on the latest developments on the arrest of the Monster of Hawali and looking for racial slurs on the shelves of supermarkets. Read this post by Abdullatif Al Omar to see what else is happening.

China: Soft Advice In a Harmonious Society

  25 July 2007

Wang Lin noticed that there are many “soft and warm advice notices” around China, such as: “Soft and warm advice: please take care of your belonging, if you lose anything, we won't take any responsibility” (zh). The blogger felt that such kind of “soft and warm advice” were a characteristic...

Kenya: 22 things about Nairobians

  24 July 2007

22 things to ABSOLUTELY love or hate about NAIROBIANS: 1. Nairobians like staring at pregnant women (hate) 2. Nairobians like staring generally (love) can do wonders for your self esteem 3. Nairobians are always in a hurry 4. But if you stare at space, Nairobians will stop and stare with...

Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados: Harry Potter Launch

  23 July 2007

“It’s only after he puts on the pair of round fake-Italian sunglasses with the slightly reflective lenses that I realise that the figure in the purple cape I’d seen earlier lurking sheepishly near the self-help section is meant to be Harry.” Caribbean Free Radio posts an entertaining piece on the...

Cameroon: Yes your majesty

  22 July 2007

Parler Camerounais compares (Fr) the leaders of Cameroon, and their “bulimia” of meaningless titles and honors, to the royal family in Eddie Murphy's 1998 hit, Coming to America.

Turkmenistan: Travelogue

Joshua Kucera just visited Turkmenistan, which he entered rather smoothly from Azerbaijan. Josh visited a burning gas crater, the Museum of Fine Art in the capital Ashgabad, and had a tour guide who wasn't quite getting the numbers right. He also acquainted himself with the (rather barren) local media landscape...

China: Funny Typos

  19 July 2007

ESWN translated a blog post from Sohoxiaobao on some funny typographic mistakes that have political implication.