· December, 2007

Stories about Humor from December, 2007

Armenia: Traffic Rules

  31 December 2007

With traffic congestion now adding to the insanity that is usually driving in Armenia, Raffi K at Life in Armenia offers his readers some tongue-in-cheek rules for motorists. Ironically, they are pretty much right on the mark.

Hong Kong: Top News in 2007 Blogosphere

  31 December 2007

As the year end is approaching, local blogger sidekick has her picks of "Top News in Hong Kong 2007 Blogosphere". She also calls for more comments and suggestions for the year end round up. Below is a translation of her selection:

Francophone Morocco on Eid Mubarak Said

  28 December 2007

Last week, Morocco celebrated Aid el-Kebir (“Big Eid”), a festival commemorating Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son, Isaac, and God's mercy in sparing him. Family members visit each other over the largest meals they can afford, exchange gifts (often clothing), give alms (zakat, one of the five Pillars of Islam)...

China: Bird Nest National Stadium Recycling

  26 December 2007

The Olympic national stadium, ‘Bird nest’, has some leftover construction material to be recycled. Wangxiaofeng gives a list of suggestions for the recycling plan: ashtray, toilet bowl and bra (zh).

Ukraine: Yulia Tymoshenko and Coal Miners

  25 December 2007

Yulia Tymoshenko returned as Ukraine's prime minister on Dec. 18. Five days later, she was in Donetsk region, visiting the site of Ukraine's worst coal mining accident, the troubled Zasyadko mine. While there, she declared: "We'll be working on it and will make it so that in our country both young people and children would want to become coal miners." Below is a discussion of Tymoshenko's promise that took place at Korrespondent.net, a Ukrainian news site.

Barbados: X Marks the Season?

  24 December 2007

“Who will be coming down your chimney and bringing you gifts this year? Not Santa Claus: the politicians!”: Boyce Voice wishes all Barbadians an election campaign Christmas.

Kyrgyzstan: Christmas Cheer

  21 December 2007

Steve LeVine says that the Kyrgyzs are turning to a can't miss tourist grabber — Santa Claus — after a Swedish consultancy bureau stated that Kygyz mountains are the best possible destination where Santa can live.

Trinidad & Tobago: Hanky Panky

  20 December 2007

The Leader of the Opposition wiped his hands on a handkerchief after reluctantly shaking hands with the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago at the ceremonial opening of the 9th session of Parliament – The Extra Secret Blog of Basdeo Panday explains everything.

China: Fixed Price Begging and IPO

  20 December 2007

Mr zhang ran into a beggar doing RMB6 dollar begging in the street. The blogger feels that such kind of begging method is similar to the IPO in the stock market (zh), if the company don't fix a price, people would just give a penny.

Japan: UFOs Do Exist

  20 December 2007

James from Japan Probe picks up an interesting local news: a top government official believes that the existence of UFO is definitely real.

Georgia: Election Cartoons

  19 December 2007

One refreshing addition to the Georgian blogosphere as the January election approaches is Georgia Ink, the blog of cartoonist Vladimir Shioshvili. With elections in the South Caucasus generally tense, Shioshvili injects some humor into proceedings by asking, for example, why was the State of Emergency lifted at 7pm on 7...

China: Top “Jokes”

  19 December 2007

ESWN translated a post in Tianya which composed some top “jokes” in China in 2007: These ‘jokes’ are not funny at all; in fact, they are solemn and dismal.

Kazakhstan: What is Ak-Orda?

  19 December 2007

Arseny posts a funny story that vividly indicates how many people living in Astana’s Old Town – a Soviet provincial cityscape – sometimes do not have any idea of what is happening on the Left Bank, where the Shining New Capital of Kazakhstan is rapidly growing.

Armenia: Elephants Marry

  18 December 2007

After quite a few international controversies surrounding attempts to find a mate for Yerevan Zoo's only elephant, Blogian reports some happy news. Hrantik can finally share his life with an elephant from Moscow and the new relationship was apparently cemented by a “marriage ceremony.”

Ecuador: Daily Expressions

  17 December 2007

Some of the daily expressions used by Ecuadorans may be difficult to understand [es]. Luigi Salas provides a list with detailed meanings to expressions used in Ecuador.