· September, 2007

Stories about Humor from September, 2007

Bahrain: Halfway There!

  29 September 2007

From Bahrain this week: a mid-Ramadan celebration, great happiness to be at university, a description of some dating practices, and a packet of rice that just doesn't make sense!

Ukraine: For Sale on eBay

  27 September 2007

Orange Ukraine reports on how someone tried to sell Ukraine on eBay – and about the Sept. 30 vote: “The undecided, the casting of votes to smaller parties, the votes “against all”, will decide Ukraine's future.”

Arabeyes: Ramadan Scenes

  26 September 2007

With the month of Ramadan halfway through, bloggers in the Middle East are still tapping away at their keyboards, reflecting on different aspects of the Islamic month of fasting. This week we make stops in Yemen, Palestine, Kuwait and Israel to see what bloggers have to say.

Ramadaning in Kuwait

  24 September 2007

Ramadan, food and shopping were top priorities among Kuwaiti bloggers last week. Abdullatif AlOmar takes us on a tour of Kuwaiti blogs which include a shopping trip at a hypermarket where even the shampoo looks interesting when you are fasting!

Japan: Abe Double in Hospital?

  22 September 2007

Blogger Kikko passes on the rumor [Ja] that the Abe Shinzo currently in hospital is not the real Japanese prime minister but a double, and that the real PM is at taking it easy at a hot springs in Mongolia. From this (joke) rumor, she turns to the issue of...

Barbados: “Bim” Rocks!

  21 September 2007

Notes From The Margin discovers an ode to Barbados via a YouTube video: “Maybe someone should tell the tourist board about this one!”

Serbia: Noise

  20 September 2007

Belgrade 2.0 writes about the noise of turbo folk music: “It is designed to destroy brain cells more effectively than most advanced weapons today, without harming the natural environment, pretty much like the new Russian vacuum bomb.” And about the noise of a military celebration that invlolved MIG planes flying...

China: 17 Correlations for the 17th Party Congress

  20 September 2007

Wang Ling spoofs the 17 Party Congress in the coming October by listing out 17 correlations. For examples, 8 honors + 8 humiliations + harmonious society = 17; control the price of pork to 17 yuan per 0.5 kilogram; close 17,000 websites before the congress; etc (zh).

Cayman Islands: Motherhood 101

  18 September 2007

“I have been as relentless as the Paparazzi stalking their prey, all with a view to collate seemingly scandalous and cutesie photos with which to torture the child with embarrassment later in life”: Mighty Afroditee reflects on the true joy of parenthood.

Cambodia: Anti-Terrorism Training

  18 September 2007

K-Media has a better idea for US Federal Bureau of Investigation that is currently involved in training Cambodian Interior Ministry officials in counter-terrorism.

Ramadan Kareem From Kuwait

  17 September 2007

Ramadan Kareem from Kuwait as bloggers talk about museums, small businesses, conservation and the emergence of the new Kuwaiti superstar. Abdullatif AlOmar has more in this round up from Kuwaiti blogs this week.

Russia: “Putin's Plan”

  16 September 2007

A few days ago, LJ user drugoi photographed a political ad on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow and posted the picture on his blog. The ad read: "Putin's Plan - Russia's Victory!" The blogger asked an obvious question: "What's the plan, does anyone know?" And received 150 comments from his readers, some of which are translated here. (Plus, a bonus translation: the story of Victor Pipiskin.)

Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome

  14 September 2007

With a major report to congress by America's top general in Iraq and the British withdrawal from Basra, politics is my main course for today. But there is much more - and if you read to the end - I present Aboosi the Iraqi Human Beatbox.

Trinidad & Tobago: New Police Logo

  12 September 2007

“The new logo…is ‘To Protect and Serve with Pride’. Is the problem…really due to a lack of pride or is there way too much of it? How about serving with humility instead?” Manicou has a few issues with the new logo of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.