· March, 2006

Stories about Humor from March, 2006

Pulse of the Saudi Blogosphere

Mohsen Al-Awaji was freed after 11 days of detention, and Aya thinks this action by the government is a tangible lesson for Saudis: “Don’t you dare to criticize the government because we are capable, at any time, of stripping you from your freedom and dignity.” Riyadhwai seemed happy about the...

Ukraine: Political Puppet Auction

  27 March 2006

W. Shedd of The Accidental Russophile writes about a political puppet auction held in Kyiv: “[…] each party in Ukraine seems to accuse the others of being puppets for some outside interest. However, these puppets are made from papier-mache instead of flesh and blood.”

Haiti: You Know You're Haitian When…

  26 March 2006

AyitiCheriConnexion posts (FR) an english language 35-point list of things that make one Haitian sent to her by a Haitian born outside of Haiti. AyitiCheri tacks on seven slides of staples of Haitian culture including the inevitable djondjon and griot.

Bermuda: Awards scheme?

  22 March 2006

The Limey has a bit of fun at the expense of the promoter of an awards ceremony to which Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Halle Berry and others were allegedly invited.

Guyana: The phone conversation

  22 March 2006

Guyana 360 has received their copy of the recording of a phone conversation between the police commissioner and a member of parliament. Living Guyana doesn't seem to have received theirs, but posts a transcription of the conversation anyway.

Cayman Islands: Grammar

  21 March 2006

Fed up with the quality of the writing in his comment thread, Cayblogger urges the people of the Cayman Islands “to unite in your indignation of all things grammatically incorrect, and stand up against the scourge of poor grammar”.

South Korea: Shamrocks and kimchi

  17 March 2006

The Asia Pages, who identifies herself as Korean-Irish-American in honor of St. Patrick's Day, makes a striking case for similarities between Irish and Korean men, particularly the inhabitants of Busan. “They'll both make a bee-line for the alcohol, swear their heads off, all the while talking in loud, obnoxious voices....

Indonesia: Warnings for Women

  14 March 2006

Noting that more and more women are starting to smoke, Indonesia Anonymus suggests some alternative warning labels that could scare off as many women as men.

China: If at first you don't succeed

  14 March 2006

Need a fake mainland Chinese household registration card, marriage or divorce certificate, Hong Kong or Macau ID card, birth certificate, driver’s license or university degree? CSR Asia has the details.

Dating the Diaspora

  14 March 2006

Oranckay picks up on a very specific post by a Chinese American businesswomen and wannabe wife and mother on an online dating site, drawing a variety of comments from visiting males.

Russia: “Preved, omerekancheg!”

  13 March 2006

A Chicago-based LJ user angstzeit encounters a Russian-speaking bear and through a flashmob of Russian commenters learns about the Preved!-mania. John Lurie's original drawing; hundreds of followups at ru_preved LJ community; Preved! CafePress.com stuff; lots of Russian slang and obsceneties; a Cold War between the Preved Bear and the O...

South Korea: The realm of the Mothers

  13 March 2006

The Asia Pages relates a long and intense debate about parental sacrifice and obligation with a Korean man on-line. In the end, she is told, she doesn't understand because she's not Korean.

Syrian Blogsphere in a week

The Syrian blogsphere took a very important step this week, launching Syria Planet. The first online portal for All Syrian bloggers. Encouraged by the blogging boom Syria witnessed this last year. Ayman Hourieh, one of the Administrators of Syria Planet says… Syria Planet, the community site for Syrian bloggers, is...

Pulse of the Saudi Blogosphere

So, what's the most interesting stuff Saudi bloggers have been talking about in the past seven days? Let's take our weekly tour in the Saudi blogosphere to find out. Aya posts on her experience with the current state of the Saudi blogosphere, saying she is very encouraged by finding many...