· December, 2010

Stories about Humor from December, 2010

India: Life at Thirty

  21 December 2010

Aritra Ganguly at Just Like That – At Any Point of Time ponders about life at thirty and decides that he loves it anyway.

Japan: Fruity Samurai

  14 December 2010

The animated series Fruity Samurai [ja] (フルーティー侍), which received a special award for the section ‘World Wide Laugh’ at the last Okinawa International Movie Festival [ja], makes fun of the traditional swashbuckling movies. The first three episodes can be viewed at Fruity Samurai Official Channel [mute] on Youtube.

Japan: Cartoon Blog

  6 December 2010

The Tokyo Reporter just launched a new section called Cartoon Blog [en], in collaboration with cartoonist Roberto De Vido (also author of Politicomix [en]).

Venezuela: Comics Find Their Place on the Web 2.0

  1 December 2010

The comic in Venezuela is one of the genres that is generally underrated and ironically, treasured within the country's culture. In response to this, artists have formed groups to create their own space on the Web 2.0 that gathers and publishes their work.