· July, 2006

Stories about Humor from July, 2006

A Big Laugh in Venezuela

  29 July 2006

Venezuelans will be holding the funniest elections in the country history. Entertainer Benjamin Rausseo, better known as Er’ Conde del Guacharo (Count of Guacharo), announced this week that he will run for President. Rausseo is Venezuela’s most popular comedian, and he has no political background. His character is a working-class...

Comic Strips and Blogs: Not Everything is Text

  28 July 2006

Usually, blogs are associated with written text. But for some time now, an interesting transformation is taking place in the blogosphere, and the methods used are more varied. In Argentina, comic strip blogs are becoming more common and many times they're made by people with trajectory in low circulation magazines....

Bermuda: “Worst of Bermuda” awards

  27 July 2006

The Limey offers his tongue-in-cheek “Worst of Bermuda Awards 2006”. Categories include “most embarrassing mistake”, “worst corporate citizen”, and “worst act of political cowardice”.

South Korea: korean farmer family

  25 July 2006

Song Sung-young, a korean farmer and a citizen reporter of Ohmynews hosted his newly met french friends in his house. He has some vivid descriptions of how Childish English vs. ‘Frenglish’ communication worked out.

Thailand: Making Colleagues Jealous

  25 July 2006

Andrew Biggs in Thailand has one of the best jobs in the world. “When I got back to the office, all the male staff were very jealous of me. They wanted to know why I hadn’t invited them to go along with me.”

Guyana: Pothole challenge

  25 July 2006

“Dear Car Manufacturers Abroad, I challenge you to come and test you cars in Real Life Conditions…. Some potholes so deep you can’t call them potholes, you got to call them cauldron holes.” Guyana-Gyal writes an open letter complaining about the state of the roads.

Ethiopia: Funeral blues

  21 July 2006

Lela Tensae gives a witty and detailed portrait of funeral rites among Ethiopians in the United States. “The worst type of funeral for me is when the deceased is in the age bracket of 65 to 80. The deceased probably was hiding during the Italian invasion or was titled by...

Malaysia: Insecure Men

  20 July 2006

Bunnywunny blogs about a discussion she had with her hairsylisht. The hairstylist argues that insecure men make the best boyfriends and lovers.

Japan: teacher's genitals

  20 July 2006

JP in Japundit reports that a teacher at a public junior high school in Hokkaido was suspended for sending a photograph of his genitals to a male student using his cell phone.

Taiwan: ghost month

  20 July 2006

July in the Chinese Lunar Calendar is the ghost month. In Taiwan, municipalities are searching for ways to reduce the air pollution from thousands of people burning ghost money at the same time. Micheal turton from A view from Taiwan suggests to introduce ghost credit cards.

Malaysia: Curious Penang People

  20 July 2006

The blogger at malaysiandaily.com writes about the curiousity of people in Penang city. “Each time, there's a road accident on one side of the road, the other side of the road's traffic will be terribly affected. Every driver would slow down to view the accident scene. There are a few...

Kenya: Aching heads

  19 July 2006

“Something I think that headaches are a national disease in East Africa,” writes Video journalist. “You cannot go for two minutes on the streets without having some kind of headache relief fired to you.”

Russia: Lyudmila Putina's Style

LJ user plushev is wondering (RUS) who is responsible for the tacky dresses of Putin's wife (photos attached): “I've heard a fantastic version that this is the work of Kremlin's imagemakers – this way they are said to win women's sympathy for Putin: women unconsciously pity the president who's got...

Polish Blogosphere Update

Better late than never… That's what PolBlog hopes bloggers will think in response to its latest foray into blogging technology. Its new “Talk Back Attack” features an audio comment option to put “a voice to the text.” This is how PolBlog explains the new feature: Audio-commenting, as we call it,...

Reunion: International Procrastination Day

  17 July 2006

LSZ Blog celebrated International Procrastination Day (yesterday July 16) by… procrastinating. He wrote (Fr): “I was thinking of writing a great article on procrastination but today is Sunday, not a good day to write an informative article on the subject. Maybe tomorrow…”