· October, 2007

Stories about Humor from October, 2007

India: All for a passport

  31 October 2007

30 in 2005 on applying for a passport at the Indian High Commission in London – the long queue, clueless people and the general bureaucracy.

Trinidad & Tobago: New Politics?

  31 October 2007

Coffeewallah has some advice for Trinidad and Tobago politicians: “Here’s a novel idea guys, why don’t you assume we all have brains, focus on the issues and tell us exactly how you’re going to deal with them.”

Russia: Election Miscellanea

  24 October 2007

TOL's Elections in Russia writes about the voting plans of Russia's homeless; campaigning for Putin through vodka; a group of young people opposing Putin; and a group of artists supporting him.

Guyana: Give the People what they Want

  24 October 2007

“Guyanese people Abroad so home sick they does crave every juicy detail about things happening here. If ants belch, they need to know what decibel”…so Guyana-Gyal gives them what they want.

Trinidad & Tobago: Poli-tricks?

  22 October 2007

“Trinidad and Tobago politics is a lot like dentistry – the politicians constantly pull on our teeth,” says KnowProSE.com, while Francomenz is “so stunned” at the latest political ramblings, she “can’t think of a single witty thing to say”.

Trinidad & Tobago: Political Blame

  19 October 2007

“I fear that on the morning of 6 November, we'll wake up and find that we're only just starting to realise what a mess we're in,” writes Nicholas Laughlin, as he examines the state of Trinidad and Tobago's pre-election landscape.

China: Deconstructing the White Rabbit Wrapper

  18 October 2007

Imagethief studied the design of White Rabbit wrapper in details. The description of “rows of zombie rabbits facing each other in mirror image” is particularly vivid. (P.S. White Rabbit is also my favorite candy)

Pakistan: Showtime in India

  16 October 2007

Stand up comedy and music talent shows in India have had some Pakistani participants and they've met with great success. All Things Pakistan on the trend, with some interesting insights in the comments space.

China: Tough blogging the Communist Congress

  16 October 2007

The largest of many white elephants in China's blogsphere, bloggers for whom the Seventeenth National Communist Party Congress is too good to pass up on, in absence of text-based information regarding what's going on inside, have instead made a mashup using limited television coverage, MSN Messenger, humor and more.

Trinidad & Tobago: Shrill Thrills

  15 October 2007

“I worry about Patrick,” writes Jeremy Taylor, observing the over-zealous behaviour of Trinidad and Tobago's Prime Minister as election day draws closer.

Touring Libyan Blogs: Eid el Fitr 2008

  13 October 2007

Fozia Mohamed, our Libya volunteer, is back to blogging after a short break, with news and views from the Libyan blogosphere. Issues covered this week include readjusting to life in Libya after living in the UK, medical ethics and the Maqams - the resting places of 'Saints' and men of religion.