· November, 2008

Stories about Humor from November, 2008

Mozambique: Different views of condom use in Africa

  29 November 2008

In a country which struggles to combat AIDS, twenty million condoms are distributed every year. Considering that at least 4 million Mozambican men are sexually active from a population of 17.4 million inhabitants, this makes a personal allowance of five condoms for the whole year. Surprisingly, kids are the most faithful users of them.

Venezuela: Jose Ignacio Cabrujas and His Mark on Society

  26 November 2008

One of the great Venezuelan critics provided thoughts on daily life. However, since his passing, many are left wondering what he would have said about the events of today. Jose Ignacio Cabrujas, was a well-known playwright, director, and even transformed Venezuelan soap operas into social commentary that used many well-known literary works.

Jamaica: Don't Worry, Be Happy

  25 November 2008

Active Voice wants to let you know “that despite the global financial meltdown and the downfall of another wall–Wall Street–WE ARE NOT IN PANIC MODE in Jamaica.”

Saudi Arabia: Showing true support

  23 November 2008

Nzhinga has been trying to persuade her young son that he should study and not rely on becoming a famous soccer star; after all, he might get injured and not be able to play. But her son has a solution. Jihad: “I know what I'll do! My wife will have...

Trinidad & Tobago: Godliness?

  21 November 2008

This Beach Called Life suggests that the members of Trinidad and Tobago's government are “Gods of The Good Times”: “The bad and hard times fall squarely on the lap of the real God and the opposition.”

Japan: Economic recession? A dejavue.

  21 November 2008

id:norikku225 at Let's survive the subprime shock! (サブプライムショックを生き残ろう!) [ja] comments on news that the Japanese economy has entered a recession, as reported by national [ja] andinternational [en] media. The blogger says that there is nothing new in this and that the scenario has been the same for the last 15...

Guyana: A Snake Story

  18 November 2008

Guyana-Gyal says that her life sometimes feels “like endless days of stories, anecdotes, drama, comedy, tragic-comedy, punctuated by…ssssssssnake!”

Japan: Full-speed ahead for Christmas and New Year's Eve

  16 November 2008

Blogger at Techtech to Tuzuru Nichijô Essay Book (テクテクとつづる日常エッセイブック) [jp] describes how, since the first week of November, Tokyo is already lit up for Christmas, everybody seems to walk faster, all the shops are already selling gifts and the big department stores are already displaying special dishes for the New...

Korea: Why are you still single?

  16 November 2008

Autumn… fallen leaves and colorful trees, and a romantic season. Autumn is regarded as a season when you feel lonely, you feel a good appetite, and feel a strong reading desire. And winter is coming. Cold season and white snow. This is the moment that people strongly feel lonely if...

Trinidad & Tobago: “Radio Raid” Reactions

  10 November 2008

The fallout over the Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister's visit to a radio station to complain about critical comments made against him during a newscast appears to have only just begun. Local mainstream media continue to apply pressure, although in typical Trinbagonian fashion, some of the coverage is peppered with humour - but bloggers see nothing funny about what many of them consider to be the Prime Minister's attempts to muzzle free speech.

Trinidad & Tobago: 007

  10 November 2008

“I didn’t recognize him at first since he had changed so many times over the years. What eventually gave him away was the use of his precise British accent to pick up the flight attendant and the manila folder on his lap marked ‘Double-Oh-Seven-Top Secret – For Your Eyes Only,...

Trinidad & Tobago: Just Plain Audacity

  7 November 2008

This Beach Called Life trades experiences with a fellow Trinidadian living in the US: “My face lit up and I reminded the US resident in a short time they will have Barack Obama. His face also lit up but then I grew sad when he reminded me who we will...