· February, 2006

Stories about Humor from February, 2006

Russia: “Buratino-the-Pooh”

  27 February 2006

Konstantin of the Russian Marketing Blog shares a really weird label: instead of a bear, there's Buratino, the Russian Pinocchio, on the cake called “Winnie-the-Pooh Cake”: “No, Russians don’t call Pinocchio Winnie. Why is this picture on the cake’s box? Call “Vega-Nord” Bakery hot line.”

Iran: Being American Iranian

  27 February 2006

Brooding Persian talks about in an ironic way about being American Iranian in a future US-Iran war: In a case I am taken as a prisoner of war by either side, I refuse to perform human pyramid tricks or commit suicide by downing hair removal creams. I also like to...

Guyana: Sucking teeth

  24 February 2006

“With one long “stchuuuuup” and you eyes looking thin and mean, you can cut a big man down to li’l boy size,” writes Guyana-gyal in her treatise on the Caribbean art of sucking teeth.

Trinidad & Tobago: Carnival necessities & reenactments

  24 February 2006

Got your snake oil? Just in time for the official start of Trinidad & Tobago's Carnival on February 27, Attillah Springer makes a list of Carnival necessities. She also posts photos of old-time Carnival and the reenactment of the Canboulay Riots of the 1880s.

Caribbean: Cricket shrink

  22 February 2006

Ri imagines a conversation between the West Indies cricket team's captain, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, and the team's new Irish shrink.

The Law of Love in China

  21 February 2006

How to regulate love in China? A mock law on love has been circulating online in China as early as 2002 and was recently picked up by mainstream media. Joel Martinsen presents the English translation on Danwei.

How Many Parents Can Toby Have?

  21 February 2006

So far 10 South Korean have claimed to be either Toby Dawson's birth parents or relatives. Toby Dawson was born in South Korea, adopted by his American parents at age three, and recently won the bronze medal in the men's mogul ski event. The Lost Nomad cites two reportings on...

Iran: Valentine & a Joke

  16 February 2006

Abtahi, a cleric blogger & reformist politician, writes about Valentine that a guy buying love gifts asks the sales attendant for a dozen cards with the sentence “I ONLY LOVE YOU.”

Yanukovych and Poetry

  15 February 2006

Oleksandr at Messages From Canada has a post about “proFFessor” Victor Yanukovych talking poetry in Odesa. Very funny. Yanukovych is Ukraine's former prime minister who ran for president in 2004 and was accused of rigging the election, which caused street protests that became known as the Orange Revolution.

Malaysia, Japan: This Love Thing

  15 February 2006

Kenny Sia points out that in Japan, girls buy boys chocolates for Valentine's Day. He complains that in Malaysia it's the opposite. “Man, this love thing is evil.”

Singapore: Funny Valentine

  15 February 2006

Doubleyellow suggests that Singapore should have its local version of Valentine's Day: a day to profess love for the government. “On this day, all bus and cab prices will be marked up 10% and GST will be increased to 50%.”

Indonesia: Simulating TV Reality

  14 February 2006

Inspired by an Economist article about how the U.S. military hires Hollywood production companies to make their combat training simulations more realistic, Indonesia Anonymus guesses what would happen if the Indonesian military hired local TV soap producers to run their simulations. One possibility: “There will be a lot of screaming,...

Putin's Dissertation and Russian Energy Sector

  13 February 2006

Sean Guillory looks at Vladimir Putin's dissertation, “Strategic Planning of Regional Raw Material Operations in a Market Economy,” which he wrote as a student of the St. Petersburg Mining Academy in 1997. Stored at the Russian State Library, the dissertation is a hit with the readers. Also, Sean discusses Vladimir...

More of Russian DIY Design

  13 February 2006

Two more additions to Konstantin Dlutskiy's photo collection of DIY design at the Russian Marketing Blog: wedding flowers sold with a discount for loyal customers, and a “Baby” store selling vodka and beer.