· December, 2009

Stories about Humor from December, 2009

Japan: Things just got worse

  31 December 2009

“Japanese OO got worse in 2009″. Umeten gives a list [ja] of all the things that got worse in Japan this year, from economy to music magazines to baseball … A link to other blogs or websites for each item.

India: Ten Lessons From Three Idiots

  30 December 2009

Amreekan Desi was not only impressed with Aaamir Khan's latest Bollywood blockbuster ‘3 idiots’ but also learnt a lot from the movie. The blogger takes a satirical look at ten lessons from the movie.

Trinidad & Tobago: Tax Lover

  21 December 2009

This Beach Called Life writes a letter to the Trinidad and Tobago government concerning the proposed amendments to the Property Tax.

Philippines: At The Barricades

  17 December 2009

A university professor shares a humorous account of her participation in a protest action against last week's planned visit of the Philippine president at the University of the Philippines in Diliman.

Trinidad & Tobago: Baby Face

  15 December 2009

Of a Danish study which suggests that “baby-faced people live longer”, B.C. Pires says: “Any Trini could have told the world that…it have a reason ogly people does look ogly: because they miserable; and them so bound to die faster than good-looking people who everybody like and want to have...

India: Being selective about feedback

  14 December 2009

Cartoonist Anshul Maheshwari at Brainstuck.com takes a good-humored dig at the possibilities of selective perception when collecting data or feedback through crowdsourcing.

India: For each of us, a State

  13 December 2009

Demanding new States appear to be the top political agenda of Indian politicians today. Jumping onto the bandwagon, popular Indian blogger and humorist Greatbong decides to press for a separate Statehood for his locality.

Trinidad & Tobago: Under Pressure

  10 December 2009

“The visible signs of success in Trinidad and Tobago used to be having a big foreign-used car, a thin cell phone and a plane ticket to Miami, but the list just got longer with the addition of the pressure washer”: This Beach Called Life explains.

Poland: “My Polish Street”

  10 December 2009

At Polandian, “My Polish Street” series – here, here, here, and here. Also, a post on “drifting” into “voyeurism” in Krakow: “Having a designated smoking window that looks directly onto a dozen brightly illuminated flats on the other side of the street didn’t help.”

Chile: Cartoon Blog Dosis Diarias Turned 3

  8 December 2009

“40 years of walking to the Promised Land and turns out to be this [a desert]. We're supposed to be the chosen people. I was expecting something closer to Rio de Janeiro” reads a recent comic [es] of Chilean cartoonist Alberto Montt. His blog Dosis diarias celebrated its 3rd anniversary...