· March, 2014

Stories about Humor from March, 2014

“Happy” Video Exposes the Other Side of Rio de Janeiro

  22 March 2014

Inspired by the “worldwide contagious happiness” that was sparked by Pharrell Williams’ viral music video “Happy“, as can be seen in hundreds of dancing videos from around the world, Brazilian group of video-makers Jeitinho Carioca (“Shit Cariocas Say”) has created a local version for Rio de Janeiro with a satirical tone.  Besides showing people...

Discussing Aid System with a Light Touch

  14 March 2014

This blog takes a satirical view of aid system in the world: Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like is an ongoing series of sometimes satirical, sometimes ironic, usually humorous (but sometimes dead serious), always honest vignettes of the humanitarian aid industry from the inside. Sometimes we want to complain about one...

Chinese President Xi Jinping Cartoons

  12 March 2014

Under a special section dedicated to China’s on-going National People’s Congress, iFeng.com, a pro-Beijing TV broadcaster based in Hong Kong, featured series of Chinese president Xi Jinping cartoons. The cartoons are about Xi meeting with ordinary people. Some stories in the cartoon are based on real events.  Offbeat China has translated the...

A Map of China, By Stereotype

  7 March 2014

TeaLeafNation uses China's dominant search engine Baidu's search history to finish half-written questions about different provinces in China. A map of China, by stereotype: http://t.co/isRo4hkPTB pic.twitter.com/vhuADJsWGm — FP's Tea Leaf Nation (@TeaLeafNation) March 4, 2014 They plot the stereotypes onto an interesting map about China. For example, Beijing was associated with “smog”...

[Video] Decoding Indian Headshakes in Less Than Two Minutes

  1 March 2014

Many people are confused about the meaning of Indian “headshakes” and how to communicate using them. That may explain why a satirical video deciphering different types of Indian headshakes has gone viral. The 1:44 minute-long video, titled “Indian headshakes, what do they mean?“, has attracted more than 1.2 million views...