· December, 2008

Stories about Humor from December, 2008

India, Bangladesh: Explaining South Asian Politics

  30 December 2008

Santosh at Über Desi explains the results of the Bangladesh parliamentary election: “Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League party won because it was time for a change. The last elected government was formed by Khaleda Zia’s Bangladesh Nationalist Party. Yes, politics in South Asia can be explained in such simplistic terms.“

Central and Eastern Europe: A Christmas Roundup

  24 December 2008

A holiday season roundup: Tanja of Czechmatediary recalls family Christmas celebrations of her childhood, writes about the Czech Christmas Mass, and shares a recipe of Vanocka (“Christmas bread”); CzechFolks.com writes about a calorie-free yet mouth-watering way of decorating a holiday table with crocheted Czech Christmas cookies; The Foreigner's Guide to...

Japan: Christmas illuminations within a click

  23 December 2008

Blogger Happy Kernel suggests a website that collects videos of Christmas illumination along the streets of every Japanese city. The idea of this website's creator, Shinya, was to make it possible for parents with small children to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere from home.

Jamaica: Half & Half

  22 December 2008

Jamaicans have an innovative method of dealing with the impact of the global economic crisis – Iriegal says that merchants “are now cutting everything in half and selling it at reduced prices.”

Video: Costa Rican Artist takes on the Fine Art Classics

  20 December 2008

Francisco Munguía, a Costa Rican cartoonist and artist has interpreted the Fine Arts classics and is currently doing a show in the Costa Rican Children's Museum. However, you don´t need to travel to Costa Rica to see his work: it is uploaded on YouTube in a gallery style presentation.

Abu Hadeed: Egypt's first Computer Game

  18 December 2008

Abu Hadeed is Egypt's first original computer game. Zeinobia writes about the copyrights issues and the concept saying:”It is the first game to be based upon an Egyptian cinematic character. Originally it was based on Boha, the hero of comedian Mohamed Saad’s film “Boha”. It is an odd choice to me...

Jordanian Bloggers React To Bush's Shoegate

  18 December 2008

While a week has yet to pass since US President Bush faced a shoe flying in his direction from an Iraqi journalist during a press conference, the Jordanian blogosphere is already aflutter with varying reactions. Here’s a look at how Jordanian bloggers have been reacting thus far.

Costa Rica: Call for Collaborative Christmas Video

  17 December 2008

Costa Rican online humour collective nosedecirlaerre.com which translates into "I can´t pronounce the R" has set out a call for participation from Costa Ricans and those familiar with their culture to create a collaborative video for Christmas. The campaign is called Uniting Ticos for Christmas and the requirements are quite simple: dancing in the Costa Rican style of "swing criollo" the popular end of the year song Jugo de Piña and saying something in Costa Rican slang, on video.

Israel: New Arrivals by Style and Mile

  17 December 2008

“And so the race is on. Which will arrive first – an H&M store or an express train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv?” inquires Rebecca of Israeli blog The Big Felafel. “It’s a tough call, but I think we may be sporting some trendy yet affordable dresses before being able...

Israel: Hanging up on a five-year old

  16 December 2008

Treppenwitz writes about hanging up on his five-year in order to teach him a lesson on conversation: “So yes, if you're wondering what kind of a monster hangs up on a five year old… it's the kind of monster who loves his kid enough to teach him how to be...

Brazil: Introducing the Offline Twitter

  14 December 2008

Lúcia Malla [pt] and a group of friends – all of whom have twitter accounts – show what happens when twitter addicts meet in a bar: they keep twiterring offline. See the pictures. “Experiment's general conclusion: the more difficult thing on the offline twitter is to design your avatar. ;) ...

India: Recession In Marriage Market

  12 December 2008

According to Über Desi the slowdown in the economy in many parts of the world is also affecting the marriages in India as demands for Non Resident Indian (NRI) grooms plunged.

Trinidad & Tobago: Waste Not

  10 December 2008

“The next time you see your neighbor’s garbage scattered on the road don’t think of it as an unsightly mess but as an opportunity to get to know them better”: Blogging from Trinidad and Tobago, This Beach Called Life gets trashy!