· May, 2010

Stories about Humor from May, 2010

China: lost in translation

  31 May 2010

The machine translation of Chinese character into English can be really hilarious. PH from veggie discourse has a few examples.

Jamaica: Bloggers Look at the Lighter Side

  26 May 2010

West Indians have a saying, "If you don't laugh, you'll cry." Certainly, the current wave of violence in Jamaica - is nothing to laugh about. But after days of sobering news, bloggers clearly needed to seek out the amusing aspects of an otherwise untenable situation.

Trinidad & Tobago: Election Predictions

  19 May 2010

Mark Lyndersay predicts the results of the upcoming elections in Trinidad and Tobago based on “nothing more than a casual remembrance of who these people are in public life, the general public perception of them and, frankly, what they look like in their photographs.”

Brazil: Ants Protest Insecticide

  18 May 2010

Ants protest is an artistic video made and posted by attaspp in Vimeo and features a group of ants carrying placards reading “Stop the killing” and crossed out Baygon logos, the brand name for an insecticide. Wish to know how it was done? The Brazilian director has also posted a...

Russia: The Andrei Kolesnikov Mystery

Poemless discovers that the English-language Wikipedia article on Russian journalist Andrey Kolesnikov is misleading, and that there are actually two Russian journalists named Andrey/Andrei Kolesnikov, and both “cover high profile politicos and contribute to widely-read newspapers and other media outlets” – and “[t]hese Andrei Kolesnikovs are like good/evil twins or...

Russia: Driving News

Russian driving news: Keith Gessen posts a Tver resident's video of a ride across a recently reconstructed bridge over the Volga river – which, supposedly, “is now fully open to traffic in both directions”; Julia Ioffe writes at True/Slant about an impatient Russian MP who kept trying to get past...

Russia: Reaction on New Military Draft Initiatives

LJ user calabaxa ironically reflects on the new conscription initiatives that extend the draft age to 30 years: “…Actors will come [to the conscription offices – GV], artists, musicians, writers, which labour isn't bought by anyone… Everyone will come. They'll take the weapons and will end with this order forever.”