· November, 2006

Stories about Humor from November, 2006

China: golden Mao

  27 November 2006

Shang_kenneth from Shanghaiist reports that a 7 metre high statue of Chairman Mao has been recently erected in Changsha. It is a prelude to Mao's birthday next month.

The Week That Was in Bahrain

  26 November 2006

More than 300,000 Bahrainis went to the polls on Saturday to elect 40 Municipal Councillors and another 40 Members of Parliament. This is the second time Bahrainis vote in their modern history, after sweeping reforms initiated in 2002. According to official records, seventy-two per cent of the eligible voters took...

Senegal: Criteria for Recruiting Ministers?

  25 November 2006

Senegalais Frustre at Blog Politique du Senegal has an unexpected theory about how ministers are recruited in Senegal (Fr): “When [Prime Minister] Macky Sall promises maximal efficiency of our ministers, does that mean that we are going to have an international golf team or an olympic champion in paper crumpling…”

Guyana: New styles in political talk

  24 November 2006

Stella Ramsaroop introduces some of the latest additions to the repertoire of rhetorical styles in Guyanese politics, including “Ramotarian dialect”, “Persaudian Grandstanding” and “Ramsaroopian Hyperbole”.

China: harmony rights

  24 November 2006

The President of China University of Political Science and Law claimed that harmony rights is the fourth generation human rights concept, the first three stages are: liberation, survival and development (zh). Wang Xiao feng said that such claim looks like a political spoof (zh).

Malaysia: Timid Response to Australian Insult

  23 November 2006

Blueheeler is disappointed by the timid response by Malaysian ministers timid response to an Australian journalist's critical article on Malaysia. The blogger misses the days when Mahathir was the prime minister and the world was treated to frequent bouts of verbal fights between him and former Australian prime minister Paul...

Costa Rica on Arias, Sabina and CAFTA

  21 November 2006

Costa Rican blogs these past two weeks have had a bit of CAFTA, a bit of music and some complaints on the roads and the trash. The latter two are issues that worry those out in the streets and seem to leave those in power unconcerned. The uproar on the...

Lebanon: Campaigns, Politics and Photos

  21 November 2006

A wide variety of topics were highlighted in the Lebanese blogosphere this week. There are campaigns against sectarianism, child abuse and AIDS as well as minorities speaking out. There are attempts to define the shades of grey in internal Lebanese politics. We also have posts about the media, nice photos...