· October, 2011

Stories about South Korea from October, 2011

South Korea: Occupy Wall Street Planned in Seoul

  15 October 2011

Young people and activists will occupy the streets of Seoul on October 15 to protest financial inequality. Joining the “Occupy Wall Street” movement from the United States, South Korean citizen media Wiki Tree released a slideshow [ko] regarding the planned protest.

Five Things You Should Not Do in Korea

  9 October 2011

Eat Your Kimchi blog's recent post on five cultural mishaps foreigners often make in Asian countries has scored a major hit online. The list includes walking into a place with shoes on, sitting in the elderly/pregnant/sick seats on the subway, and sticking chopsticks into rice and leaving them there.

North Korea: Kim Jong-il's Grandson and His Footprint in Social Media

  4 October 2011

Kim Han-sol, a teenager believed to be the grandson of Kim Jong-il has blocked access to his social media accounts after media made numerous reports on his admission into a Bosnian school. Many have succeeded in capturing his comments and pictures before access has been denied. North Korea Tech blog...