· April, 2008

Stories about South Korea from April, 2008

China and South Korea: Red Guards’ Gong Fu

  29 April 2008

Red Guard from tecn pointed out that the Olympic torch relay protest became an opportunity for Chinese to show off their Gong Fu. In the comment section, many commentators criticized that the Chinese protesters acted like red guards during the cultural revolution[zh].

Korean President's Visit to the U.S. and Media

  28 April 2008

The first summit between America and South Korea since the Korean Presidential Election was held in Washington in April. Current President Lee Myung Bak’s visit to the U.S. attracted the attention of netizens. Besides the contents of the conversation between the two representatives, the issue of how conventional media in...

South Korea: Pro Tibet Mobilization

  25 April 2008

CINA forecasts a pro-Tibet protest during the Olympic Torch relay in Seoul the coming Sunday. According to the blogger, the extreme right to the left and the liberals will have a united front in supporting a free Tibet.

Korea: Roh Moo Hyun and Japanese Netizens

  24 April 2008

The previous Korean President, Roh Moo Hyun, as I wrote a previous post, ‘ Roh Moo Hyun Syndrome (March 30, 2008)’ has become famous even after his retirement due to his casual life style. While he generated hyeom-han gam-jeong (Japanese antipathy against Korea) during his governance, his life has been...

Korea: Invincible Samsung Kingdom

  20 April 2008

Through the three-month investigation into alleged corruption at Samsung, Samsung snuck out of punishment again. Even though the special investigation team was established, and hidden bank accounts and illegal activities were found, it seems that it was not enough for categorizing it as a criminal act. Manhouse shows what the...

Hyejin Kim: A praised young novelist among GVO authors

  20 April 2008

Global Voices celebrates, this month, Hyejin Kim's first anniversary as the GVO Korean Language editor. She is also a celebrated young novelist: her debut book, 'Jia: A Novel of North Korea', has been highly praised as a very vivid and moving novel set in 1990’s North Korea. Is this story just fiction? Hyejin lets us know in this interview.

Korea: Rice Crisis in the past and at the present.

  18 April 2008

Issues related to the rice crisis are appearing everywhere. There have been serious demonstrations against opening the rice market to other countries in Korea. A netizen who participated in demonstrations for the domestic rice market talks about the past and the present. 15년전 겨울, 쌀개방 반대 선전지를 다시 읽어보며.. [68]...

South Korea: AIDS Discrimination

  10 April 2008

Michael Solis from Ohmynews! writes about the lack of confidentiality for the treatment of AIDS, in particular for foreigners, in South Korea.

Korea: Drama Kingdom

  8 April 2008

Korean dramas have been popular outside Korea. There has been a term to refer to this popularity, Hallyu (Korean wave). Pretty girls and neat boys, and their pure love or triangular love relations…. They would be characters to represent Korean dramas. The popularity of Korean dramas has become one of...

Korea: Conflicts between Koreans in their 20s and in their 30-40s

  2 April 2008

Recently, there has been a series of demonstrations that Korean college students have led against the increase in tuition fees. Presidents of college students’ associations got together and tried to hand the letter to President, Lee Myung Bak, directly. Some students have had their heads shaved. The rapid increase, 6.5-9%...

Korea and Japan: Korea's Role in WWII

  1 April 2008

Ampontan referred to a Korean newspapers article titled Were Koreans Oppressors in the War, or its Victims? and carried on the discussion about politics and history writing.