· January, 2007

Stories about South Korea from January, 2007

South Korea: alternative fashion show

  31 January 2007

Jamie from interlocals.net reports on an interesting alternative fashion show in Seoul: The clothes were made and modeled by the women who made them as well as by a number of prominent figures from Korean civil society. The participants from civil society included labour union activists from the largest and...

South Korea: latest development in Daechuri

  30 January 2007

Days in Daechuri has the latest updates on the anti military base movement in Daechuri: The villagers, exhausted by several years of resistance to government threats and attacks, have in principle agreed to move out of their village. However, other Koreans continue to organize against the US base expansion.

Japan and South Korea: waves from both sides

  30 January 2007

Ampontan blogs about the recent Japan wave from South Korea in term of tourism to Kyushu. Korean tourists, by taking the high speed jetfoils across the sea of Japan, can comfortably depart from Busan after breakfast and reach the Port of Hakata by lunchtime. The blogger believes that the emergence...

South Korea: suicide

  29 January 2007

Michael Hurt at Scribblings of the Metropolitician blogs about how the South Korean society, especially schools, deal with suicide: many schools actively ban any talk of the student's actions at atl, as if it's a big secret that no one knows about.

South Korea: Hongdae redevelopment

  26 January 2007

Matt in Gust of popular feelings blogs about his experience of Seoul city culture: eating places, cafes, etc. Such spaces are disappearing with redevelopment plan, the upcoming one is Hongdae redevelopment.

South Korea: more on textbook

  21 January 2007

Jacky's post about Chinese BBS's discussion of Korean textbook has some follow up discussion at Marmot's Hole by R. Elgin. There is a long comment thread with some more background about the issue.

China and South Korea: textbook

  19 January 2007

Jacky finds some discussions at Chinese BBS forum concerning South Korean textbook. Chinese's netizens were outraging about the distortion in the territorial map. However, are those books really Korean textbook?

South Korea: textbook debate

  17 January 2007

Robert Koehler from Marmot's Hole puts together debate related to a novel used as an English text in U.S. middle schools which contains description of abuse and rape of Japanese by Koreans during the closing stage of Japanese imperialism: And for the record, I have no idea how many American...

South Korea: labour movement

  17 January 2007

Jamie in Two Koreas updates his readers about the recent labour movement activities in South Korea, including 20th anniversary of the June 1987 Democratic Uprising, anti FTA protest, etc.

South Korea: Haejangguk

  17 January 2007

Matt explains what is haejangguk: Haejang means to eat or drink something in the morning to relieve a hangover and guk means soup; and shows what kind of food is served in haejangguk.

South Korea: new history textbook

  15 January 2007

Owen from Korean history group blog has a round up on history textook debate in South Korea: Han Hong-gu of Sungkonghoe University (bastion of all things progressive) commented that the textbook was no different from those currently being promoted by the Japanese far right.

South Korea: conflict of rights

  15 January 2007

Michael Hurt from Scribblings of the Metropolitician looks into the South Korea constitution's articles on “right to happiness” and “right to privacy” and discusses their legal implications / confusions for taking snapshots with his own experience.

Japan and Korea: tunnel

  11 January 2007

Goh Kun, a former prime minister of Korea, is proposing a Japan-Korea tunnel as part of his campaign for president. Joe from Multant Frog gives some historical background on the proposal.